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PBC News & Comment: Conservatives Howl “Betrayed” Over Ryan Budget Deal

Sprawling “Christmas tree” budget bill of new Speaker Paul Ryan is notable for what’s not included: like Planned Parenthood cuts….–wheeling and dealing ended ban on crude oil exports, but extended wind and solar credits and blocked riders that Republicans had been willing to shut down government over

–in San Bernardino, Enrique Marquez will be charged for buying semi-automatic rifles allegedly used in Dec 2 shooting spree

–as FBI director contradicts NY Times report about old Facebook posts about jihad by Farook and Malik, Mother Jones names the reporters who wrote the false story

The Daily Mail reports firing of Florida college professor who taugh about conspiracy theory, for challenging narrative of Sandy Hook events

NY Times investigation says Navy Seals beat Afghan to death, and covered it up

–at Counterpunch, Pepe Escobar says Russia’s entry into the Syrian war shatters the Pentagon dream of “full spectrum dominance”

–with Russian support, Syrian Army is recovering lost ground

–Saudi Arabia’s announced 34-nation coalition of Islamic countries against Daesh fizzles as Pakistan, Lebanon and Malaysia were “surprised” and hadn’t been consulted

The Daily Mail reports that Israeli commandos sneak over the Syrain border at night, and rescue injured IS fighters

–after recently securing unofficial title of most despised American, financiopath Martin Shkreli is arrested, charged with fraud

–billionaire Warren Buffet endorses Hillary Clinton

–Bernie Sanders tops 2 million donors, gets major union endorsement

–in Texas, a losing candidate mounts important challenge to election fraud

–in Baltimore, first trial of cop accused in death of Freddie Gray ends in mistrial