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PBC News & Comment: In Hidden Debate, Sanders and O’Malley Spar with Clinton

By design, few Americans saw Sanders and O’Malley draw important distinctions with Clinton, who spun through a strong performance Saturday….--NY Times frames its coverage around Hillary’s perceived inevitability redux

--yielding to reality and the Trump effect, Sen. Lindsey Graham drops out of presidential race he was never really in

--Beltway progressive PR firm Fitzgibbon Media shuts down abruptly after founder is accused of sexual harassment in many cases

--6 American soldiers killed in ambush near Bagram by suicide bomber claimed by Taliban, which says 19 were killed

--whoops! US says air strike near Fallujah was an accident, killing 10; Iraqi official says 30 were killed, plus 20 wounded; Iraq is moving more into Iran’s orbit

--in Syria, civilian deaths are blamed on Russian airstrikes

--protests erupt in Turkey after government troops killed 110 Kurdish fighters in pitched battles

--Israel’s equivalent of our Veterans for Peace, Breaking the Silence are targeted by Zionist radicals for trying to expose the truth about the occupation

--2015, a year of racial tensions: we present a wide-ranging, in-depth interview with 2 scholars on race, David Theo Goldberg and Linda Martîn Alcoff

--The Guardian’s year-long collection of data, The Counted, passes 1,100 Americans killed by police in 2015

--video obtained by The Guardian challenges Chicago cops’ version of the June killing of 22-year-old Nunu Cockerham, shows gun was likely planted by cops

--click bait for gun nuts: federalist website headline screams “Obama is coming for your guns” but story is about minor changes to gun dealer definition

--at The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill has a good update on Stingray and related government surveillance tools

--Pepe Escobar just published 2030: A Letter to My Grandson, where he introduces him to Great Books and critical thinking