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PBC News & Comment: In Hidden Debate, Sanders and O’Malley Spar with Clinton

By design, few Americans saw Sanders and O’Malley draw important distinctions with Clinton, who spun through a strong performance Saturday….NY Times frames its coverage around Hillary’s perceived inevitability redux

–yielding to reality and the Trump effect, Sen. Lindsey Graham drops out of presidential race he was never really in

–Beltway progressive PR firm Fitzgibbon Media shuts down abruptly after founder is accused of sexual harassment in many cases

–6 American soldiers killed in ambush near Bagram by suicide bomber claimed by Taliban, which says 19 were killed

–whoops! US says air strike near Fallujah was an accident, killing 10; Iraqi official says 30 were killed, plus 20 wounded; Iraq is moving more into Iran’s orbit

–in Syria, civilian deaths are blamed on Russian airstrikes

–protests erupt in Turkey after government troops killed 110 Kurdish fighters in pitched battles

–Israel’s equivalent of our Veterans for Peace, Breaking the Silence are targeted by Zionist radicals for trying to expose the truth about the occupation

–2015, a year of racial tensions: we present a wide-ranging, in-depth interview with 2 scholars on race, David Theo Goldberg and Linda Martîn Alcoff

The Guardian’s year-long collection of data, The Counted, passes 1,100 Americans killed by police in 2015

–video obtained by The Guardian challenges Chicago cops’ version of the June killing of 22-year-old Nunu Cockerham, shows gun was likely planted by cops

–click bait for gun nuts: federalist website headline screams “Obama is coming for your guns” but story is about minor changes to gun dealer definition

–at The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill has a good update on Stingray and related government surveillance tools

–Pepe Escobar just published 2030: A Letter to My Grandson, where he introduces him to Great Books and critical thinking