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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Campaign Slams DNC, Threatens Lawsuit

Sanders campaign manager says DNC trying to “undermine” it after reporting software glitch that briefly exposed Clinton files on voters…..

–Sanders turns up the heat on Clinton over her cheerleading for regime change in Libya, in Guardian interview

–in San Bernardino, Farook’s friend Enrique Marquez is charged with buying the rifles used in killing spree after confessing to 911 operator and FBI. Vice report by Jason Leopold is here

–new details on Farook’s alleged Facebook posts surface as NY Times admits it got the story wrong, and its public editor offers blistering criticism

–across America, crimes against Muslims have tripled since Dec. 2

–NJ Gov. Christie acts on Obama’s demand, bans gun sales to people on the no-fly and terrorist watch lists—an idea that seems sensible, but adds to police state

–in trick poll, 30% of Republicans support bombing of Agrabah, a fictional town in the Aladdin movie

–Brazil blocks, then restores “Whats App” service in struggle over encryption

–conciliation seems to be in the air: 2 factions in Libya sign unity pact; Israel and Turkey are close to restoring relations broken by Mavi Marmara attack in 2010; Putin wants improved ties with Washington; US and Russia support UN action against Daesh; Iran invites US and Britain to “join hands” with Tehran to beat Daesh, end Syrian war

–BUT, Gareth Porter explains that the US peace process is illusory, as long as Obama insists that Assad must step down

–in my Processing Distortion podcast at BoilingFrogsPost, former drone warrior Cian Westmoreland warns of blowback, and explains the personal price he’s paid

–Obama, stingy with his unlimited pardon power, commutes the sentences of 95 prisoners, pardons 2 before leaving for Kailua for the holidays