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PBC News & Comment: Seymour Hersh Drops Holiday Bomb

In new article, Hersh says Joint Chiefs undermined Obama in Syria by sharing intel with allies of Assad—silent coup?–read Hersh’s report here

–administration allies rush to tag Hersh report as “conspiracy theory”

–in new low, Trump says Hillary was “schlonged” by Obama in 2008, proving he is a dick

–new poll shows that half of US voters—and 73% under 35—would be embarrassed by a president named Trump

–here in the Bay Area, a Trump loyalist who threatened Muslims and built pipe bombs was busted, more than 2 weeks after first reports to cops

–another Bay Area man who tried to travel to Mideast in July is charged for intended “material support” of Daesh

–even though Trump is just a loud-mouth, elected to nothing, his ban of Muslims travelling to US, as British family of 11 is blocked from trip to Disneyland

–grand jury in Texas issues no indictments in jailhouse death of Sandra Bland in Prairie View, Texas

–Bernie Sanders reacts, says if Bland were white, she would still be alive

Kat Brooks challenges San Francisco Police Commission over death of Mario Woods, you can watch it here

–in FBI sting trial in San Francisco, Shrimp Boy takes the stand, denies he is still a criminal

–Salah Abdeslam, most wanted man in Europe for Friday 13th Paris attacks, was stopped by cops 3 times as he escaped to Belgium

–Gitmo treatment in Miami, as federal judge orders force feeding of hunger striking immigration prisoners

–Dennis Hastert, the deeply corrupt former GOP House Speaker, has been hospitalized after a stroke that followed his guilty plea in October

–judge who reviewed the secret videos of Planned Parenthood officials continues to block release, saying no evidence of crimes is depicted

–US treats Puerto Rico like Europe has treated Greece, as wealthy American vultures own P. R.s debt and continue to squeeze blood from the turnip

Dr. Elmo retires, here’s the Grandma song one more time!