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PBC News & Comment: Welcome to 2016, Year of the American Idiot

Led by Bundy brothers, heavily-armed white idiots occupy federal site in Oregon as Trump launches first TV ad targeting American idiots–the Bundy gang says it’s willing to die, can FBI avoid turning Burns, OR into the next Waco or Ruby Ridge?

–in The Guardian, Wajahat Ali avers that, if the Oregon vigilantes were black or Muslim, they’d be dead by now

–Trump’s first ad feeds misinformation and hate to his low-information fans

–while Trump promises to build wall on southern border, ICE still has no data on how many visitors overstay their visas, estimated at 40% of “illegals”

–ObamaCo starts new year with fresh round of deportations to Latin America

–in first day of stock trading, China shuts markets after prices plunge, driving down US markets

–fresh turmoil in Mideast, Saudis behead 47 including cleric al-Nimr, sparking attack on Saudi embassy in Tehran, 3 Sunni nations join Iran in diplomatic sanctions

–US-Iran relations chill, as US threatens sanctions following Iranian missile launches, Iran responds with threat to build more missiles

–after long delay, Israel files murder charges against 2 Israeli Jews in last summer’s firebombing of Palestinian family

–video shows yoiung Zionists at wedding celebrating the arson deaths

–UN human rights rapporteur resigns after Israel blocked his visits to Palestine

–huge fire engulfs 63-story hotel tower in Dubai, but it doesn’t collapse like WTC

–The Guardian reports that 1,136 Americans were killed by cops last year, as Cleveland prosecutor refuses to charge Tamir Rice’s killer cop

–new poll shows that Americans support massive 4th Amendment violations, warrantless surveillance of online communications

–Bill Cosby is indicted for sexual assault in Philadelphia