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PBC News & Comment: Even As Frame-jobs and Entrapment Are Exposed, FBI Keeps Abusing Its Police-State Powers

From Fort Dix to Rochester to Shrimp Boy trial in San Francisco, FBI’s Gestapo tactics are revealed, and Americans yawn….–FBI spent $1 million to ensnare former Chinese gang leader Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, and lead agent permitted to testify under fake name; here‘s the view of conservative local columnist Debra J. Saunders

–“domestic terrorist” bust in Rochester New Year’s Eve involved 2 or 3 paid informants who framed mentally ill man

–while Chris Christie brags about winning convictions in case of Fort Dix 5, 3 brothers who were convicted are appealing, exposing government manufactured “crimes”; PBC interviewed their attorney, Steve Downs in 2014

–considering the clear pattern, the re-sentencing of the Hammonds in Oregon is problematic; their prosecutor has issued a statement with background

–RT reports new invasion of Libya by 6,000 “European and US soldiers” to repel IS-franchise attack on coastal refineries

–in fresh spin, Pentagon claims IS has lost 40% of its territory in Iraq, 20% in Syria, but Saudi-Iran squabble puts Iraq in a pickle

–PBS Frontline 2-hour documentary on Netanyahu is interesting, but fails to provide important context or expose the roles of US enablers

–Kim Jong Un wants some attention, claims to have detonated hydrogen bomb

–attention-seeker Donald Trump may be banned from Britain over his anti-Muslim comments

–Turkey’s Fethullah Gulen, exiled in Pennsylvania, begins trial in absentia in Turkey for plotting to overthrow his former buddy, Erdogan

–in Cologne, as many as 1,000 men described as “Arab or North African” are accused of assaulting women on New Year’s Eve

–UN peacekeepers in Central African Republic are again accused of sexual assault

–in New Hampshire, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie pander to voters with personal stories about drug addiction, but won’t end the War on Some Drugs

–in Ontario, college professor is suspended from class where students signed waiver to permit cussing