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PBC News & Comment: ObamaCo Appears to Accept Assad Remaining in Power in Syria

Obama’s stubborn insistence that Assad and Islamic State must both be ousted yields to reality, according to new leaked document….–the twin objectives were unachievable and irrational

–new layer of conflict between Saudis and Iran intensifies, as Saudi fighters target Iranian embassy in Yemen

–in response to Saudi executions, IS threatens to attack 2 Saudi prisons where jihadis are held

–in Libya, truck bomb kills 65 as struggle for control of oil facilities continues, no more info on report of US troop deployment

–BTW, the year-end budget bill included compensation for hostages who were held at US embassy in Tehran in 1979

–disgraced Gen. David Petraeus testifies behind closed doors in Benghazi inquest

–in an insightful column, NY Times op-ed writer Charles Blow recaps the history of gun control, largely aimed at keeping blacks from having guns

–in setback for free speech, Florida professor who challenged Sandy Hook narrative is fired from his tenured position teaching about “conspiracy theories”

–first 2 of 17 expected releases from Guantanamo yesterday, Yemenis who will be sent to Ghana

–Mr. Ten Commandments, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore tries to continue blocking same sex marriages

–new report shows that access to contraception, abortion and other women’s health services is declining due to state level rollbacks

–Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland is fired, charged with perjury

–Michigan Gov. Snyder finally declares state of emergency in Flint over lead in water

–California Gov. Brown finally declares state of emergency at Porter Ranch gas leak site