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In-Depth Interview: Investigative Reporter Jason Leopold Talks About Clinton State Dept. E-Mails and Lingering Questions About San Bernardino

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Vice News investigative reporter Jason Leopold returns, to talk about Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. emails, and my unanswered questions about the reported events in San Bernardino on December 2.Like your humble host, Leopold is a big rock-n-roll fan; we open with laments for the recently departed David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead and Hawkwind fame.

Leopold’s FOIA lawsuit prompted the scheduled, complete release of Clinton’s emails while Secretary of State.  We discuss her cavalier approach to security classifications, and her concern that underlings weren’t using official email accounts like she was.

We discuss a new article by a Vice reporter about emails that show that Clinton loyalist Sid Blumenthal–who was on the Clinton Foundation payroll for $10,000 a month–was peppering her with reports on Libya, even as Blumenthal and former CIA top dog Tyler Drumheller were trying to exploit the chaos in Libya for personal profit.  We also touch on the damaging emails that show that Joe Wilson persuaded Clinton to approve $60 million that benefited a client of Wilson’s.

With limited time, we turn to the shootings in San Bernardino last December 2.  Leopold was dispatched to the scene, and remarked on the massive deployment of federal law enforcement in a very short time.  We talk about the “third shooter” mentioned by eyewitnesses, who was dropped from the official narrative.  We go into some detail about the purported Facebook posts attributed to Farook, which burned the NY Times and led Leopold to file FOIA requests with the FBI and Justice Dept.  Bottom line:  corporate media seem unwilling to dig past unnamed official leakers to bring us the true story.