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PBC News & Comment: Stingray Cellphone Surveillance Spreads to Britain

Vice News exposes British use of Stingray-type cellphone surveillance, and finds willing black market seller of systems intended only for police….--the Vice video report is here

--in Canada, 2 cellphone carriers are fighting government demands for call data that includes thousands of innocent people

--as Fox Business Channel hosts another GOP debate, Ted Cruz will face hard questions on his loan from Goldman Sachs, and his Canadian birth

--Trump campaign tried to knock Kasich, Rubio and Carson off the ballot in Illinois, but screwed up the paperwork

--in Chicago, County commissioners demand that federal investigation of police include the Homan Square detention facility

--new immigration crisis looms, as families and children reach southern border, and thousands of Cubans try to reach US before preferred status is changed

--10 more prisoners released from Guantanamo, 10 Yemenis sent to Oman

--after months of delayed response, National Guard and FEMA are called to Flint over toxic water crisis

--Pentagon boss Ashton Carter outlines new incoherent strategery for fighting IS, as Russia helps Assad forces regain key ground in Latakia

--UN is warned that its database for reconstruction in Gaza could be used by Israel to select targets the next time it “mows the lawn” in Gaza; here is the report, with thanks to Faith Peeples for the tip

--in Jakarta, a Starbucks and a police station are attacked, IS claims responsibility

--Chinese dissident artist wins his struggle with the maker of Legos

--al Jazeera America announces it will shut down US news service

--legendary Bay Area radio news anchor Al Hart dies at age 88