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PBC News & Comment: Stingray Cellphone Surveillance Spreads to Britain

Vice News exposes British use of Stingray-type cellphone surveillance, and finds willing black market seller of systems intended only for police….–the Vice video report is here

–in Canada, 2 cellphone carriers are fighting government demands for call data that includes thousands of innocent people

–as Fox Business Channel hosts another GOP debate, Ted Cruz will face hard questions on his loan from Goldman Sachs, and his Canadian birth

–Trump campaign tried to knock Kasich, Rubio and Carson off the ballot in Illinois, but screwed up the paperwork

–in Chicago, County commissioners demand that federal investigation of police include the Homan Square detention facility

–new immigration crisis looms, as families and children reach southern border, and thousands of Cubans try to reach US before preferred status is changed

–10 more prisoners released from Guantanamo, 10 Yemenis sent to Oman

–after months of delayed response, National Guard and FEMA are called to Flint over toxic water crisis

–Pentagon boss Ashton Carter outlines new incoherent strategery for fighting IS, as Russia helps Assad forces regain key ground in Latakia

–UN is warned that its database for reconstruction in Gaza could be used by Israel to select targets the next time it “mows the lawn” in Gaza; here is the report, with thanks to Faith Peeples for the tip

–in Jakarta, a Starbucks and a police station are attacked, IS claims responsibility

–Chinese dissident artist wins his struggle with the maker of Legos

–al Jazeera America announces it will shut down US news service

–legendary Bay Area radio news anchor Al Hart dies at age 88