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PBC News & Comment: Prisoners Are Swapped As Iran Nuke Deal Takes Effect

Last minute snags at Tehran airport as Jason Rezaian’s mother and wife were held, then released with him amid confusion…–prisoner exchange and quick release of wayward sailors suggest improved relations, but missile test and Ayatollah comments are problematic

–Republicans are still trying to score cheap political points over capture and release of sailors in Persian Gulf, don’t admit they strayed into Iranian waters

–new UN report details war crimes, possible genocide, by Islamic State, including holding up to 3,500 Yazidis as slaves

–new analysis by former State Dept. officer Peter van Buren recounts US failure to stop IS, says it’s time to pull out

–final Dem debate before primaries shows Sanders on ascent, but Clinton is good at spin and half-truths

NY Times reports Clinton campaign team “regrets not attacking Sanders earlier”

–on MSNBC, Hillary slimed Bernie for having adopted grandchildren—hers is real

–new documentary on serial sexter Anthony Wiener brings his wife Huma into the spotlight, raising questions about her role as top Clinton confidante

–Black Lives Matter protesters blocked San Francisco-Oakland bridge on MLK Day, others prevented Mayor Ed Lee from speaking at MLK event

–Eagles founding member Glenn Frey dies at age 67