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PBC News & Comment: Washington Groupthink Infects All Presidential Candidates

In brilliant analysis of Sunday’s Democratic debate, Robert Parry lays out some false Beltway memes that are accepted as fact…–read Parry’s article here

–in report on new unity government in Libya, AP refers to the “toppling and killing of Qaddafi” without any mention of who did it and how it happened

–7 nations—mostly NATO members—meet in Paris to discuss Daesh, with focus on the same dumb ideas that haven’t worked

–upcoming Syrian peace talks are undermined by Assad’s recent gains, non of the combatants are interested in peace

–in the new issue of its promotional magazine, IS does not claim any direct credit for San Bernardino shootings, but American groupthinkers blame IS

–in latest “domestic terrorism” arrest, Virginia attorney slams FBI for manufacturing crimes: “they create cases, then prevent them from happening”

–in Iowa, Trump claims endorsements from John Wayne and Sarah Palin, and says he will consider one of them for VP or cabinet job

–in The Guardian, Dave Schilling dissects Palin’s bizarre endorsement speech

–new Inspector General report says Clinton’s email server included “several dozen” classified emails, contradicting Hillary’s claims

–after your humble host dinged Sanders for a lack of warmth and humor, he proves me wrong

–in his State of the State speech, Michigan Gov. Snyder apologizes to Flint, promises to “fix it” but fails to admit it’s all because of his emergency manager law

–no surprise: data clearly show that 2015 was hottest year on record

—Supreme Court will hear appeal of Obama’s immigration actions

–British court of appeals rules in favor of David Miranda, Greenwald’s partner who was detained at Heathrow

–proposed California ballot measure would require legislators to wear logos of their funders, like NASCAR drivers