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PBC News & Comment: Washington Groupthink Infects All Presidential Candidates

In brilliant analysis of Sunday’s Democratic debate, Robert Parry lays out some false Beltway memes that are accepted as fact…--read Parry’s article here

--in report on new unity government in Libya, AP refers to the “toppling and killing of Qaddafi” without any mention of who did it and how it happened

--7 nations—mostly NATO members—meet in Paris to discuss Daesh, with focus on the same dumb ideas that haven’t worked

--upcoming Syrian peace talks are undermined by Assad’s recent gains, non of the combatants are interested in peace

--in the new issue of its promotional magazine, IS does not claim any direct credit for San Bernardino shootings, but American groupthinkers blame IS

--in latest “domestic terrorism” arrest, Virginia attorney slams FBI for manufacturing crimes: “they create cases, then prevent them from happening”

--in Iowa, Trump claims endorsements from John Wayne and Sarah Palin, and says he will consider one of them for VP or cabinet job

--in The Guardian, Dave Schilling dissects Palin’s bizarre endorsement speech

--new Inspector General report says Clinton’s email server included “several dozen” classified emails, contradicting Hillary’s claims

--after your humble host dinged Sanders for a lack of warmth and humor, he proves me wrong

--in his State of the State speech, Michigan Gov. Snyder apologizes to Flint, promises to “fix it” but fails to admit it’s all because of his emergency manager law

--no surprise: data clearly show that 2015 was hottest year on record

---Supreme Court will hear appeal of Obama’s immigration actions

--British court of appeals rules in favor of David Miranda, Greenwald’s partner who was detained at Heathrow

--proposed California ballot measure would require legislators to wear logos of their funders, like NASCAR drivers