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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Surge Produces Backlash From Democratic Establishment

As Sanders scores in the polls, and with new “America” commercial, alarmed Clinton allies shamelessly, irrationally attack from every angle….–new Suffolk U poll shows Sanders with 50-41 lead in New Hampshire

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola accurately analyzes the motives and methods of Clinton’s surrogates

NY Times columnist Paul Krugman joins the scrum, offering condescending advice to Sanders supporters and employing a Clinton talking point

–Clinton team trots out 10 “foreign policy experts” to hammer Sanders—some points are valid—but Lee Fang reports that half of them have ties to military contractors

al Jazeera hits Sanders on his rejection of SuperPacs, after enviro group spends $20,000 on independent ads for Sanders

–David Brock, who once ran the dirty operations to sink Bill Clinton, is a major figure in Hillary’s efforts to bring down Sanders; Brock now runs Blue Nation Review blog site and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

–Obama administration urges Haiti to go forward with sham election Sunday, here’s good background info

–amid GOP-fueled hysteria about Syrian refugees, cooler heads in the Senate try to block Trump-inspired immigration limits

–Iranian Americans protest new immigration rules that lump them with Syrians and Iraqis

–at Vice News, Jason Leopold reports that 3 Dem senators are demanding that Obama order CIA boss John Brennan to apologize for spying on Intelligence staff