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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Confirms US-Saudi Alliance in Syria

In Sunday front-pager, NY Times confirms Saudi money has paid for CIA training of various rebel groups in Syria war….–Sibel Edmonds first reported US covert trainers in Jordan in December, 2011

–over the weekend, John Kerry visited Saudi Arabia and Joe Biden went to Turkey to shore up the dysfunctional alliance against Daesh

The Australian reports that US and Russia both have new airbases in Syria, just 50 km apart

–watch for major mission creep in Obama’s final year: Pentagon ponders new military action in Libya, says it “may” add more US troops in Iraq for Mosul battle, US asked to train Iraqi police, again

–Russian bombing raids kill dozens of civilians in Syria over last 3 days

–5 years ago today, protesters in Tahrir Square launched short-lived revolution in Egypt

–amid violence, Haiti postpones sham election scheduled for yesterday, January 24

–State Dept. missed the deadline to release last batch of Clinton emails, and Jason Leopold files court brief demanding action before primaries

–at ConsortiumNews, Robert Parry recaps Clinton’s history at State Department and her embrace of neocon policies

–Mike Bloomberg, a richer billionaire than Trump, eyes entering the presidential race as independent

–Trump threatens Fox: he’ll boycott next debate if Megyn Kelly is a moderator

–Obama, who says he won’t endorse in Dem primary, praises Hillary and offers faint praise for Bernie

–5 months after PBC reported the story, NY Times covers lawsuits against Disney for replacing American workers with immigrants