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PBC News & Comment: FBI Runs Amok in Oregon, Fresno, Milwaukee and Turkey

With unchecked power, FBI grabs Bundys but vigilantes remain; troubling new cases in Milwaukee, Fresno; Air Force vet smeared, cleared….--in Oregon, FBI nabs Ammon Bundy, kills Robert Finicum, but 40 armed people remain at wildlife refuge

--in Milwaukee, latest “domestic terrorist” is arrested with machine gun provided by FBI paid informants

--US Air Force veteran Saadiq Long was secretly placed on no-fly list was trapped in Turkey, smeared in right-wing media, was allowed to return to US, read Greenwald's report

--in Fresno, hub of hi-tech surveillance, John Lang dies under murky circumstances after predicting that Fresno police were trying to kill him. Washington Post report on police command center is here ; indy media report on Lang is here

--Obama’s war on whistleblowers continues, as Thomas Tamm faces bar discipline for objecting to domestic surveillance and FISA court shenanigans

--in editorial, NY Times rebukes Obama for failed pardon/commutation process

--our latest in-depth interviews feature 2-parter with science writer/investigative reporter Peter Byrne; in this excerpt, he outlines the reporting that led him to conclude that claims of Marin County breast cancer cluster were false

--in his latest calculated disruption, Trump backs out of Thursday’s debate after Fox refuses to drop Megyn Kelly as moderator

--right-wing hypocrite Jerry Falwell Jr. overlooks Trumps moral defects, and endorses him

--Sanders team debates how hard to hit Hillary, as polls in Iowa tighten

--after Jane Mayer wrote critically of the Koch brothers in The New Yorker, the billionaires hired “Vigilant Resources” to smear her reputation

--Clinton’s ally and billionaire donor Haim Saban now controls The Onion; we can expect no more jokes about Hillary