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PBC News & Comment: FBI Runs Amok in Oregon, Fresno, Milwaukee and Turkey

With unchecked power, FBI grabs Bundys but vigilantes remain; troubling new cases in Milwaukee, Fresno; Air Force vet smeared, cleared….–in Oregon, FBI nabs Ammon Bundy, kills Robert Finicum, but 40 armed people remain at wildlife refuge

–in Milwaukee, latest “domestic terrorist” is arrested with machine gun provided by FBI paid informants

–US Air Force veteran Saadiq Long was secretly placed on no-fly list was trapped in Turkey, smeared in right-wing media, was allowed to return to US, read Greenwald’s report

–in Fresno, hub of hi-tech surveillance, John Lang dies under murky circumstances after predicting that Fresno police were trying to kill him. Washington Post report on police command center is here ; indy media report on Lang is here

–Obama’s war on whistleblowers continues, as Thomas Tamm faces bar discipline for objecting to domestic surveillance and FISA court shenanigans

–in editorial, NY Times rebukes Obama for failed pardon/commutation process

–our latest in-depth interviews feature 2-parter with science writer/investigative reporter Peter Byrne; in this excerpt, he outlines the reporting that led him to conclude that claims of Marin County breast cancer cluster were false

–in his latest calculated disruption, Trump backs out of Thursday’s debate after Fox refuses to drop Megyn Kelly as moderator

–right-wing hypocrite Jerry Falwell Jr. overlooks Trumps moral defects, and endorses him

–Sanders team debates how hard to hit Hillary, as polls in Iowa tighten

–after Jane Mayer wrote critically of the Koch brothers in The New Yorker, the billionaires hired “Vigilant Resources” to smear her reputation

–Clinton’s ally and billionaire donor Haim Saban now controls The Onion; we can expect no more jokes about Hillary