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PBC News & Comment: Tables Turned on Planned Parenthood’s Attackers

Grand jury in Houston set up to indict Planned Parenthood clears the organization, and issues surprise charges against con artists…..--unlike similar attempt to frame ACORN in 2010, many Dems fought for Planned Parenthood as GOP orchestrated attacks for election year consumption

--President Obama and Supreme Court both embrace protections for teen convicts, banning solitary confinement, life sentences can be appealed

--Center for Constitutional Rights wins victory for adult California prisoners who were subjected to long-term isolation

--recent police killing of 19-year-old Chicago man followed three 911 calls that were rudely handled

--in Miami, jailers are accused of locking mentally ill prisoner in scalding shower for 2 hours, but post-mortem blames his death on other factors

--new insider attack in Afghanistan, as policeman drugs 10 others officers, then shoots them dead, another failure of US training programs

--desperate local officials in Afghanistan who tried to get Kabul’s attention via Facebook are fired

--Israel grabs another 380 acres of Palestinian land in Jordan Valley as American ambassador is pilloried for stating the truth about Israel’s double standards

--markets continue to slide due to collapse of oil market; prices not expected to rise much in 2016

--in latest tax inversion scheme, US-based Johnson controls will merge with Tyco to avoid US taxes; Johnson got government bailout in 2008

--Bobby Gates, Bush loyalist and Obama defense secretary, slams GOP candidates on foreign policy, jokes he will move to Canada if Trump elected

--in open leter, decorated marine slams Sarah Palin for claiming son Track has combat-related PTSD and it’s Obama’s fault

--hot yoga guru Bikram Choudhury convicted in sexual harassment case, ordered to pay $900,000

--34 years ago this week, your humble host helped launch KRQR-FM, The Rocker in San Francisco