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PBC News & Comment: Will Winter Weather Reduce Caucus Turnout in Iowa? Podcast Number 1600!

Big snowstorm predicted for Iowa Monday, where turnout is critical to Sanders and lower-ranked GOP candidates in first contest for 2016….--in al Jazeera, Raina Lipsitz calls Clinton a bully using McCarthy smears

--NY Times accurately notes that Sanders is benefiting from $1 million in outside support from nurses union, enable by the Citizens United decision he rails against

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren issues report on failure to prosecute white collar criminals…is she leading up to Sanders endorsement?

--one of the Americans released by Iran, Nader Modanlo, initially rejected the deal, as he was pursuing an appeal in Iranian Courts

--UN-brokered Syria peace talks founder as rebels demand concessions from Assad before they will agree to attend, and parties disagree on who should participate

--Pentagon admits that air strike on Raqqa last August killed 3 civilians, but not the British hacker who was targeted

--Escalation Alert: Pentagon calls for more US “trainers” in Iraq and Syria, as general tapped to oversee Afghan war warns of deteriorating situation

--Trevor Timm warns that US is about to attack Libya with no debate—especially considering Clinton’s aggressive support of Qaddaffi overthrow

--at Truthdig, Gareth Porter calls Obama’s latest sanctions on Iran “deceptive and hypocritical”

--in second part of our interview, journalist Peter Byrne talks about faulty cancer data collected by the California Cancer Registry, run by Dr. Ken Kizer of UC Davis

--Bay Area goes into Homeland Security lockdown as Super Bowl is a week away

--California Gov. Jerry Brown unveils initiative to reform criminal sentencing

--as 30th anniversary of Challenger disaster is observed, listener Linda Lewis notes that whistleblowers exposed NASA’s problems

--Jefferson Airplane and Starship founder Paul Kantner dies at 74