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PBC News & Comment: Will Winter Weather Reduce Caucus Turnout in Iowa? Podcast Number 1600!

Big snowstorm predicted for Iowa Monday, where turnout is critical to Sanders and lower-ranked GOP candidates in first contest for 2016….–in al Jazeera, Raina Lipsitz calls Clinton a bully using McCarthy smears

–NY Times accurately notes that Sanders is benefiting from $1 million in outside support from nurses union, enable by the Citizens United decision he rails against

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren issues report on failure to prosecute white collar criminals…is she leading up to Sanders endorsement?

–one of the Americans released by Iran, Nader Modanlo, initially rejected the deal, as he was pursuing an appeal in Iranian Courts

–UN-brokered Syria peace talks founder as rebels demand concessions from Assad before they will agree to attend, and parties disagree on who should participate

–Pentagon admits that air strike on Raqqa last August killed 3 civilians, but not the British hacker who was targeted

–Escalation Alert: Pentagon calls for more US “trainers” in Iraq and Syria, as general tapped to oversee Afghan war warns of deteriorating situation

–Trevor Timm warns that US is about to attack Libya with no debate—especially considering Clinton’s aggressive support of Qaddaffi overthrow

–at Truthdig, Gareth Porter calls Obama’s latest sanctions on Iran “deceptive and hypocritical”

–in second part of our interview, journalist Peter Byrne talks about faulty cancer data collected by the California Cancer Registry, run by Dr. Ken Kizer of UC Davis

–Bay Area goes into Homeland Security lockdown as Super Bowl is a week away

–California Gov. Jerry Brown unveils initiative to reform criminal sentencing

–as 30th anniversary of Challenger disaster is observed, listener Linda Lewis notes that whistleblowers exposed NASA’s problems

–Jefferson Airplane and Starship founder Paul Kantner dies at 74