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PBC News & Comment: Decision Day in Iowa, Turnout Will Determine Outcome

Clinton supporters are “in denial” about emails, Libya and massive negative baggage of Hillary, as Sanders supporters are called “naïve”…–longtime Hillary backer Gail Sheehy quotes an array of 50+ feminists, and many are like Sheehy, ambivalent about her now; read it here

NY Times editorial writers manage to ignore most of the critical issues about Clinton reported in their news columns, and endorse Hillary

–in wake of Friday’s report of 22 top secret emails, Clinton campaign goes into denial spin reminiscent of 1992 bimbo eruptions

–Clinton campaign propaganda about emails is spun as “news” at captive site “Daily News Bin”, then circulated in social media by duped supporters

–Greenwald goes deep on false “Bernie Bro” theme launched by Clinton allies

–in PBC’s little Facebook silo, people say mean—but not sexist–things about Clinton, and one female Sanders supporter unfriended a Clinton fan

–your humble host was misled by Friday NY Times story about nurses’ SuperPAC supporting Sanders, Lee Fang gets it right

In other news:

–World Health Organization declares international emergency over Zike virus

–unconfirmed reports of 9 Americans being detained by our head-chopping buddies in Saudi Arabia

–Tufts University study shows TPP will cost 448,000 American jobs

–Somali man who was first known rendition subject under Obama is sentenced in NY federal court for alleged support of al Shabab, gets 9 years

–Danish documents show US had rendition jet on standby in Copenhagen in June of 2013, intended to grab Ed Snowden

–FBI director’s objections to encryption and claims of “going dark” are wildly exaggerated, says new Harvard report

–now Chancellor of University of California, former Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano secretly ordered installation of surveillance software on email