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PBC News & Comment: Decision Day in Iowa, Turnout Will Determine Outcome

Clinton supporters are “in denial” about emails, Libya and massive negative baggage of Hillary, as Sanders supporters are called “naïve”…--longtime Hillary backer Gail Sheehy quotes an array of 50+ feminists, and many are like Sheehy, ambivalent about her now; read it here

--NY Times editorial writers manage to ignore most of the critical issues about Clinton reported in their news columns, and endorse Hillary

--in wake of Friday’s report of 22 top secret emails, Clinton campaign goes into denial spin reminiscent of 1992 bimbo eruptions

--Clinton campaign propaganda about emails is spun as “news” at captive site “Daily News Bin”, then circulated in social media by duped supporters

--Greenwald goes deep on false “Bernie Bro” theme launched by Clinton allies

--in PBC’s little Facebook silo, people say mean—but not sexist--things about Clinton, and one female Sanders supporter unfriended a Clinton fan

--your humble host was misled by Friday NY Times story about nurses' SuperPAC supporting Sanders, Lee Fang gets it right

In other news:

--World Health Organization declares international emergency over Zike virus

--unconfirmed reports of 9 Americans being detained by our head-chopping buddies in Saudi Arabia

--Tufts University study shows TPP will cost 448,000 American jobs

--Somali man who was first known rendition subject under Obama is sentenced in NY federal court for alleged support of al Shabab, gets 9 years

--Danish documents show US had rendition jet on standby in Copenhagen in June of 2013, intended to grab Ed Snowden

--FBI director’s objections to encryption and claims of “going dark” are wildly exaggerated, says new Harvard report

--now Chancellor of University of California, former Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano secretly ordered installation of surveillance software on email