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PBC News & Comment: Democrats and Republicans Squabble About Iowa Caucuses

Trump unloads on Cruz for “fraud” and “stealing” the election, Sanders moves on despite missing tallies and unexplained coin flips…--lots of finger-pointing after Carson said he was going home to change clothes, Cruz blasted out report Carson was dropping out, Trump cries foul, Rand Paul exits race

--in bungled Democratic tally, some reports were lost, both sides are confused about coin-flipping and its impact

--Sanders agrees to NH debate on MSDNC Thursday, after winning demand for more debates

--SF Chronicle quotes Hillary booster and conservaDem Simon Rosenberg’s critical comments about her campaign

--at The Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg says “there are way too many Hillary Clintons”

--at The Observer, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach slams Hillary for Sid Blumenthal’s emails of Max Blumenthal’s critical reporting on Israel, slandering Max along the way

--from the Clinton’s $28 million tax return for 2013, here is a list of 41 speeches she gave, for a minimum fee of $225,000

--listener Gary Kane calls your humble host a “petulant progressive” and demands commitment to vote for Clinton if she’s the nominee

--blogger Robyn Morton responds to similar demands, eloquently

--our Processing Distortion podcast features Todd Macfarlane, lawyer for the family of LaVoy Finicum, who was killed by cops at Oregon roadblock near occupied refuge

--UN may order release of Julian Assange from London embassy on Friday

--GOP-led House committee holds hearings in Flint about toxic water

--in California, multiple lawsuits filed over huge methane leak at Porter Ranch

--last year, 149 innocent prisoners were exonerated across the US

--NSA mergers its offensive hacking team with the defense

--The Intercept gets burned by rogue reporter who made up stories and quotes