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PBC News & Comment: Democrats and Republicans Squabble About Iowa Caucuses

Trump unloads on Cruz for “fraud” and “stealing” the election, Sanders moves on despite missing tallies and unexplained coin flips…–lots of finger-pointing after Carson said he was going home to change clothes, Cruz blasted out report Carson was dropping out, Trump cries foul, Rand Paul exits race

–in bungled Democratic tally, some reports were lost, both sides are confused about coin-flipping and its impact

–Sanders agrees to NH debate on MSDNC Thursday, after winning demand for more debates

SF Chronicle quotes Hillary booster and conservaDem Simon Rosenberg’s critical comments about her campaign

–at The Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg says “there are way too many Hillary Clintons”

–at The Observer, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach slams Hillary for Sid Blumenthal’s emails of Max Blumenthal’s critical reporting on Israel, slandering Max along the way

–from the Clinton’s $28 million tax return for 2013, here is a list of 41 speeches she gave, for a minimum fee of $225,000

–listener Gary Kane calls your humble host a “petulant progressive” and demands commitment to vote for Clinton if she’s the nominee

–blogger Robyn Morton responds to similar demands, eloquently

–our Processing Distortion podcast features Todd Macfarlane, lawyer for the family of LaVoy Finicum, who was killed by cops at Oregon roadblock near occupied refuge

–UN may order release of Julian Assange from London embassy on Friday

–GOP-led House committee holds hearings in Flint about toxic water

–in California, multiple lawsuits filed over huge methane leak at Porter Ranch

–last year, 149 innocent prisoners were exonerated across the US

–NSA mergers its offensive hacking team with the defense

–The Intercept gets burned by rogue reporter who made up stories and quotes