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PBC News & Comment: Coin Flips Enable Clinton to Claim Teensy-Weensy Iowa Win

In Iowa, Cruz and Rubio surprise Trump, as 6 lucky coin flips tip Democratic squeaker to Clinton following bungled tabulation…..–coin toss was used in a least one case where Clinton had a big lead

–pre-caucus polls show that Iowans trust Bernie more than Hillary, but think she’s more likely to win in November

–op-ed columnist Frank Bruni says that Clinton’s “victory” frames the uphill battle she faces

–NSA whistleblower Russell Tice clarifies protocols for top-secret email, and says Clinton may have committed felony

–Martin O’Malley draws meager support, drops out

–on the GOP side, evangelist Ted Cruz panders to the Santorum vote, and gets it; Trump faces some reality (not reality TV) and Rubio almost ties Trump in stronger-than-expected 3rd place finish

–Obama’s last defense budget calls for deployment of heavy arms to NATO countries near Russia, Cold War 2.0

–US and Europe agree to “safe harbor” for internet data, but will NSA honor it?

–Israel conducts biggest demolition of Palestinian homes in years

–new wave of McCarthy-style loyalty tests in Israel

–in federal court in Virginia, US is prosecuting a Somali man for torture in the 1980’s—what about America’s torturers?

–panel of 31 independent scientists challenges EPA report that says fracking has no major impacts on drinking water, says EPA misrepresented results

–UN reels from new reports of sexual abuse by peacekeeper troops in Central African Republic

–SAG Awards honor Spotlight, film that exposed Boston coverup of pedophile Catholic priests