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PBC News & Comment: Coin Flips Enable Clinton to Claim Teensy-Weensy Iowa Win

In Iowa, Cruz and Rubio surprise Trump, as 6 lucky coin flips tip Democratic squeaker to Clinton following bungled tabulation…..--coin toss was used in a least one case where Clinton had a big lead

--pre-caucus polls show that Iowans trust Bernie more than Hillary, but think she’s more likely to win in November

--op-ed columnist Frank Bruni says that Clinton’s “victory” frames the uphill battle she faces

--NSA whistleblower Russell Tice clarifies protocols for top-secret email, and says Clinton may have committed felony

--Martin O’Malley draws meager support, drops out

--on the GOP side, evangelist Ted Cruz panders to the Santorum vote, and gets it; Trump faces some reality (not reality TV) and Rubio almost ties Trump in stronger-than-expected 3rd place finish

--Obama’s last defense budget calls for deployment of heavy arms to NATO countries near Russia, Cold War 2.0

--US and Europe agree to “safe harbor” for internet data, but will NSA honor it?

--Israel conducts biggest demolition of Palestinian homes in years

--new wave of McCarthy-style loyalty tests in Israel

--in federal court in Virginia, US is prosecuting a Somali man for torture in the 1980’s—what about America’s torturers?

--panel of 31 independent scientists challenges EPA report that says fracking has no major impacts on drinking water, says EPA misrepresented results

--UN reels from new reports of sexual abuse by peacekeeper troops in Central African Republic

--SAG Awards honor Spotlight, film that exposed Boston coverup of pedophile Catholic priests