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PBC News & Comment: VICE News Reveals Secret Corporate Terrorism Database

Modeled on secret, unaccountable “no-fly” lists, World Check is corporate data collection used by spooks and corporations without transparency, accountability…--Read the VICE report here

--Julian Assange is probably on that list, UN panel declares he has been “arbitrarily detained” and Assange says he will leave Ecuadoran embassy Friday

--Obama promotes tolerance in visit to mosque in Maryland, Trump and Rubio try to score points, Rubio says the visit promotes divisions

--NY Times interactive report hypes the number of domestic terrorism cases while noting that none were directed by IS or al Qaeda

--America’s most-loathed CEO takes the 5th at House hearing, then calls committee members “imbeciles”

--another loathesome CEO, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, says Sanders candidacy could be a “dangerous moment”

--in CNN hour-long interview, Clinton danced around her speaking fees and campaign contributions from Wall St, vowing to crackdown on dead firms

--Sanders performed well on domestic issues, but his pledge to “crush ISIS” with Muslim troops, and reliance on Iraq vote don’t expose shallow foreign policy

--in strong editorial, Des Moines Register slams Democratic caucus process, demands release of raw numbers, audit, and reforms for the future

--conservative media beat the drum on Clinton email issues, as her campaign tries to spin them away

--Chris Christie is the GOP’s #2 bully, hammering Rubio as the “boy in the bubble”

--GOP war on Planned Parenthood produces results: less birth control, more unwanted pregnancies in Texas

--in Washington, DC, there’s a proposal to pay people not to commit crimes