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PBC News & Comment: VICE News Reveals Secret Corporate Terrorism Database

Modeled on secret, unaccountable “no-fly” lists, World Check is corporate data collection used by spooks and corporations without transparency, accountability…–Read the VICE report here

–Julian Assange is probably on that list, UN panel declares he has been “arbitrarily detained” and Assange says he will leave Ecuadoran embassy Friday

–Obama promotes tolerance in visit to mosque in Maryland, Trump and Rubio try to score points, Rubio says the visit promotes divisions

NY Times interactive report hypes the number of domestic terrorism cases while noting that none were directed by IS or al Qaeda

–America’s most-loathed CEO takes the 5th at House hearing, then calls committee members “imbeciles”

–another loathesome CEO, Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, says Sanders candidacy could be a “dangerous moment”

–in CNN hour-long interview, Clinton danced around her speaking fees and campaign contributions from Wall St, vowing to crackdown on dead firms

–Sanders performed well on domestic issues, but his pledge to “crush ISIS” with Muslim troops, and reliance on Iraq vote don’t expose shallow foreign policy

–in strong editorial, Des Moines Register slams Democratic caucus process, demands release of raw numbers, audit, and reforms for the future

conservative media beat the drum on Clinton email issues, as her campaign tries to spin them away

–Chris Christie is the GOP’s #2 bully, hammering Rubio as the “boy in the bubble”

–GOP war on Planned Parenthood produces results: less birth control, more unwanted pregnancies in Texas

–in Washington, DC, there’s a proposal to pay people not to commit crimes