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PBC News & Comment: In Debate, Clinton Skillfully Exploits Sanders’ Biggest Weakness

In New Hampshire debate, Sanders performs well until topic turns to foreign policy, where Clinton exposes his weak talking points….–new national poll shows Sanders and Clinton in virtual tie, a loss of 30 points for Hillary in the past 6 weeks

–in The Guardian, Mona Chalabi correctly notes Sanders’ weakness on war and foreign policy, but polls show these issues matter more to Republicans

Mother Jones and International Business Times show how Secretary of State Clinton approved arms sales benefitting corporations and countries that donated to Clinton Foundation

–Clinton gets a break on emails, as State Dept. confirms that predecessors Rice and Powell got a few classified emails on private accounts

–in Syria, Assad’s forces are poised to retake Aleppo as Saudis float plan to put troops into Syria to fight Daesh; in London, $10 billion pledged for Syrian refugees

NY Times reports that Obama is resisting Pentagon calls for new military action in Libya to rout Daesh affiliate

–our latest in-depth interview is a hoot, with 94-year-old Ben Parker, first-time author of A Field Guide to the F Word   New annual subscribers get a copy, while they last!

–Julian Assange did not leave the Ecuadoran embassy in London today

–a little good news from Israel: 2 Israeli teens convicted of burning Muhammed Khdeir to death receive very stiff sentences; Supreme Court orders suspension of detention for hunger-striking Palestinian al-Qeq

–Obama meets with Colombian leader, says 15 years of US military aid has brought peace, but Colombia is still #1 source for cocaine in US

–in NY Times, Paul Krugman’s column takes another swipe at Sanders and single payer advocates

–Earth Wind & Fire leader Maurice White dies at 74