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PBC News & Comment: In Debate, Clinton Skillfully Exploits Sanders’ Biggest Weakness

In New Hampshire debate, Sanders performs well until topic turns to foreign policy, where Clinton exposes his weak talking points….--new national poll shows Sanders and Clinton in virtual tie, a loss of 30 points for Hillary in the past 6 weeks

--in The Guardian, Mona Chalabi correctly notes Sanders' weakness on war and foreign policy, but polls show these issues matter more to Republicans

--Mother Jones and International Business Times show how Secretary of State Clinton approved arms sales benefitting corporations and countries that donated to Clinton Foundation

--Clinton gets a break on emails, as State Dept. confirms that predecessors Rice and Powell got a few classified emails on private accounts

--in Syria, Assad’s forces are poised to retake Aleppo as Saudis float plan to put troops into Syria to fight Daesh; in London, $10 billion pledged for Syrian refugees

--NY Times reports that Obama is resisting Pentagon calls for new military action in Libya to rout Daesh affiliate

--our latest in-depth interview is a hoot, with 94-year-old Ben Parker, first-time author of A Field Guide to the F Word   New annual subscribers get a copy, while they last!

--Julian Assange did not leave the Ecuadoran embassy in London today

--a little good news from Israel: 2 Israeli teens convicted of burning Muhammed Khdeir to death receive very stiff sentences; Supreme Court orders suspension of detention for hunger-striking Palestinian al-Qeq

--Obama meets with Colombian leader, says 15 years of US military aid has brought peace, but Colombia is still #1 source for cocaine in US

--in NY Times, Paul Krugman’s column takes another swipe at Sanders and single payer advocates

--Earth Wind & Fire leader Maurice White dies at 74