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PBC News & Comment: In New Hampshire, Shitstorms Precede Snowstorm for Primary Election Day

Clinton campaign shows desperation, cluelessness in last-minute attacks on Sanders, including McCarthy-style smears and nasty attacks from Bill….--a friend who’s volunteering for Clinton in New Hampshire forwarded dated blog post about “Bernie’s Baggage”

--Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright backpedal after trying to shame young women into supporting Clinton

--Bill Clinton bares his fangs, plays attack dog for Hillary in empty auditorium

--in NY Times, Maureen Dowd has hard-hitting comments for the Clintons

--in report riddled with anonymous sources, NY Times says some of the “top secret” emails in Clinton’s account were about the not-very-secret drone war

--Saturday night, GOP debate featured few insults from Trump, but Christie bullied and bloodied Rubio

--Friday’s PBC podcast critical of Sanders on foreign policy was forwarded to Ben & Jerry by listener and subscriber Andy Krieger

--in new in-depth interview, Bill Black of Bank Whistleblowers United challenges all candidates to embrace enforcement on Wall Street with no new laws needed…get all the details here

--our interview with lawyer Todd Mcfarlane about the Oregon occupation and death of Lavoy Finicum sparked some strong reaction from our listeners in Oregon

--the video of Pine Creek restoration is here

--Oregon’s Daily Astorian covers the two sheriffs here

--legendary crooner Dan Hicks dies at age 74; now that he's gone away, we will miss him!