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PBC News & Comment: In New Hampshire, Shitstorms Precede Snowstorm for Primary Election Day

Clinton campaign shows desperation, cluelessness in last-minute attacks on Sanders, including McCarthy-style smears and nasty attacks from Bill….–a friend who’s volunteering for Clinton in New Hampshire forwarded dated blog post about “Bernie’s Baggage”

–Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright backpedal after trying to shame young women into supporting Clinton

–Bill Clinton bares his fangs, plays attack dog for Hillary in empty auditorium

–in NY Times, Maureen Dowd has hard-hitting comments for the Clintons

–in report riddled with anonymous sources, NY Times says some of the “top secret” emails in Clinton’s account were about the not-very-secret drone war

–Saturday night, GOP debate featured few insults from Trump, but Christie bullied and bloodied Rubio

–Friday’s PBC podcast critical of Sanders on foreign policy was forwarded to Ben & Jerry by listener and subscriber Andy Krieger

–in new in-depth interview, Bill Black of Bank Whistleblowers United challenges all candidates to embrace enforcement on Wall Street with no new laws needed…get all the details here

–our interview with lawyer Todd Mcfarlane about the Oregon occupation and death of Lavoy Finicum sparked some strong reaction from our listeners in Oregon

–the video of Pine Creek restoration is here

–Oregon’s Daily Astorian covers the two sheriffs here

–legendary crooner Dan Hicks dies at age 74; now that he’s gone away, we will miss him!