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In-Depth Interview With F-Bombs: Author Ben Parker on His “Field Guide to the F Word”

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Ben Parker is a delightful 94-year-old Navy veteran whose book about the infamous F-word doesn’t spell it out a single time.  In this conversation, be warned: we do use the F-word a few times, and play parts of songs that do, too.Parker was serving in the Navy at Pearl Harbor on the day of the Japanese attack, and traces the widespread use of the F-word to American and British troops during World War II.

Our conversation is punctuated by snippets of songs that use the F-word, and Parker explains his interest and why he wrote the book.  Sadly, he believes that overuse of the word has diminished its impact.  He explains that the F-word is quite versatile, and has no real synonym.

You can get more information and buy the book, here.

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