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PBC News & Comment: Wow! Jeb Bush Says He Wants to Overturn ‘Citizens United’

Jeb earns an exclamation point, as SuperPAC leader deplores Supreme Court ruling that allowed him to raise over $100 million….al Jazeera America reposts misleading story that falsely suggests that Sanders benefits from “dark money”

–in The Village Voice, Holly Wood offers a riveting column on why millennial females prefer Sanders over Clinton

WhoWhatWhy reminds us that election fraud is possible in New Hampshire

WhoWhatWhy also has an excellent report on new evidence that Sirhan Sirhan did not kill RFK

–Sunday NY Times included an important followup on former Gitmo prisoner Younis Shokuri, still imprisoned in Morocco due to false evidence from US

–Obama’s final budget proposes big jump in funding for cybersecurity as hackers grab data from Justice and Homeland Security Depts.

–proven perjurer James Clapper, our top spook, tells senators that monitoring of home networks and blue tooth toys may provide intelligence in the future

–at state and federal levels, legislators are proposing limits on smartphone encryption

–if you do an online search for Islamic State, Google will return results with links to “anti-radicalization” messages

–as crude oil and gasoline prices dropped, Exxon and Chevron gamed the market in California to keep gas prices higher than national average

–enjoying massive profits in 2015, US airlines give passengers free peanuts, and restore some free food service