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PBC News & Comment: Sanders is First Jewish American to Win a Primary

In historic wins, Bernie Sanders becomes first American Jew to win a primary, Trump is first combover reality TV star to break the barrier…–Sanders doesn’t really identify as Jewish, but he handily won New Hampshire

–Trump and Sanders cause heartburn for their respective party leaders

Daily Beast article quotes petulant progressive women who say they won’t ever vote for Clinton

–at The Nation, Michelle Alexander, author of “The New Jim Crow”, explains why the Clintons don’t deserve the support they get from African Americans

–Ohio blogger Zachary Leven dismisses the Sanders surge in “The Case for Hillary” which does offer critical context to her vote on bankruptcy law

–our friend and colleague Jason Leopold made national news twice yesterday: CIA boss John Brennan was quizzed by Sen. Wyden about the draft apology letter that Leopold exposed last summer, and

–federal judge slams State Dept. for slow release of Clinton emails, suggests they should just be sent directly to Vice

–in unprecedented move, Supreme Court blocks EPA rules for coal power plants before appeals court has ruled on the matter

–Texas prosecutor is disbarred for sending innocent man to death row

–Trump virus reaches Israel, where Netanyahu says he will build a fence around Israel’s entire border

–New York legislature passes new law to create a blacklist of people and groups supporting BDS against Israel

–listener reports that her friend who posted civil comments supporting Sanders on Facebook has been blocked by false report of “suicidal tendencies”