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PBC News & Comment: My Congressman Introduces “Keep It In the Ground Act”

Join us for Newsbud launch telethon this Sunday, February 14! Click here or go to Jared Huffman (D-CA) introduces House bill that mirrors Senate version authored by Bernie Sanders blocking drilling on public lands….

–watch our local TV interview with Rep. Huffman here

–massive gas leak at Porter Ranch, near Los Angeles, is finally stopped

–California Coastal Commission fires executive director in murky move—many suspect pro-growth forces won this skirmish

–US and Russia announce plan for a “pause” of fighting in Syria, but on the ground it appears futile

–Judge Contreras orders State Dept to produce all Clinton emails before S. Carolina primary, a big victory for Jason Leopold and VICE news

–last fall, State Dept investigators issued subpoena’s to Clinton Foundation

–in Milwaukee debate, Sanders regains his footing on foreign policy and slams Clinton over her coziness with Henry Kissinger

–it’s extremely painful to watch civil rights icon John Lewis use Swiftboat tactics on Sanders, claiming “I never saw him” in 1960’s marches; photos prove otherwise

–at Politico, Larry Korb defends Sanders’ depth on foreign policy

–NYPD makes wide use of Stingray surveillance gizmos, reports ACLU

–Cleveland Mayor apologizes for sending $500 ambulance bill to family of Tamir Rice

–in Oregon, standoff ends at wildlife refuge as 4 surrender

The Guardian profiles one of my all-time favorite singers, Mavis Staples, and reports that Bob Dylan once proposed to her