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PBC News & Comment: My Congressman Introduces “Keep It In the Ground Act”

Join us for Newsbud launch telethon this Sunday, February 14! Click here or go to Jared Huffman (D-CA) introduces House bill that mirrors Senate version authored by Bernie Sanders blocking drilling on public lands….

--watch our local TV interview with Rep. Huffman here

--massive gas leak at Porter Ranch, near Los Angeles, is finally stopped

--California Coastal Commission fires executive director in murky move—many suspect pro-growth forces won this skirmish

--US and Russia announce plan for a “pause” of fighting in Syria, but on the ground it appears futile

--Judge Contreras orders State Dept to produce all Clinton emails before S. Carolina primary, a big victory for Jason Leopold and VICE news

--last fall, State Dept investigators issued subpoena’s to Clinton Foundation

--in Milwaukee debate, Sanders regains his footing on foreign policy and slams Clinton over her coziness with Henry Kissinger

--it’s extremely painful to watch civil rights icon John Lewis use Swiftboat tactics on Sanders, claiming “I never saw him” in 1960’s marches; photos prove otherwise

--at Politico, Larry Korb defends Sanders’ depth on foreign policy

--NYPD makes wide use of Stingray surveillance gizmos, reports ACLU

--Cleveland Mayor apologizes for sending $500 ambulance bill to family of Tamir Rice

--in Oregon, standoff ends at wildlife refuge as 4 surrender

--The Guardian profiles one of my all-time favorite singers, Mavis Staples, and reports that Bob Dylan once proposed to her