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PBC News & Comment: Sadness Blankets the Homeland as Carly Fiorina Quits

Queen of Mean Carly Fiorina yields to reality, fires staff and shuts down campaign at same time as Chris Christie….–Sanders supporters are stunned by inner workings of Dem primary system, and the role of superdelegates who mostly supported Clinton in 2008

–in PBS debate in Milwaukee tonight, will Sanders and Clinton face any questions about surveillance, Ed Snowden and the loss of 4th amendment rights?

–placing 2nd in New Hampshire, John Kasich gets tagged as a moderate, which is largely untrue, as The Guardian reports

–Rep. Alan Grayson, fiery progressive now seeking Marco Rubio’s senate seat in Florida, has a secret life as a hedge fund manager

–in Oregon, last 4 occupiers are negotiating a probable end to the standoff, as Cliven Bundy is arrested in Portland

–as Ferguson city council balks at costs of reforms, Justice Dept. files lawsuit to force compliance

–in latest outrage, Cleveland sues to collect $500 ambulance fee from family of Tamir Rice

–prosecutions from decades ago for torture and other crimes move forward in Germany, South Africa, Romania….but not in America

–French foreign minister quits, blames US for mess in Syria

–Guardian report says Putin “is running rings around the west” in Syria

–Iraqi forces claim they have liberated Ramadi

–Princeton University opens difficult dialogue about the racist legacy of Woodrow Wilson