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PBC News & Comment: Sadness Blankets the Homeland as Carly Fiorina Quits

Queen of Mean Carly Fiorina yields to reality, fires staff and shuts down campaign at same time as Chris Christie….--Sanders supporters are stunned by inner workings of Dem primary system, and the role of superdelegates who mostly supported Clinton in 2008

--in PBS debate in Milwaukee tonight, will Sanders and Clinton face any questions about surveillance, Ed Snowden and the loss of 4th amendment rights?

--placing 2nd in New Hampshire, John Kasich gets tagged as a moderate, which is largely untrue, as The Guardian reports

--Rep. Alan Grayson, fiery progressive now seeking Marco Rubio’s senate seat in Florida, has a secret life as a hedge fund manager

--in Oregon, last 4 occupiers are negotiating a probable end to the standoff, as Cliven Bundy is arrested in Portland

--as Ferguson city council balks at costs of reforms, Justice Dept. files lawsuit to force compliance

--in latest outrage, Cleveland sues to collect $500 ambulance fee from family of Tamir Rice

--prosecutions from decades ago for torture and other crimes move forward in Germany, South Africa, Romania….but not in America

--French foreign minister quits, blames US for mess in Syria

--Guardian report says Putin “is running rings around the west” in Syria

--Iraqi forces claim they have liberated Ramadi

--Princeton University opens difficult dialogue about the racist legacy of Woodrow Wilson