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PBC News & Comment: iPhone Encryption Battle Defines Future of Our Rights

FBI’s demand that Apple create hack for San Bernardino iPhone is defining moment in the privacy struggle with Big Brother….–after 15 years of corporate collaboration with NSA and FBI, Apple’s Tim Cook draws the digital line, refuses to create hack for FBI in San Bernardino case; read the Shadowproof report here

–believe it or don’t: NSA Inspector General says NSA is collecting less data from the web than believed (by whom?)

–France extends its state of emergency for another 3 months

–Trump’s attack on Bush 43 over Iraq and 9/11 is a brilliant disruption tactic

–3 Americans who were abducted in Baghdad in January are freed

–in Bahrain, 4 American journalists who were detained are deported

–on the Hudson River, Indian Point nuke plant is leaking radioactive water, but corporate media isn’t interested; an excellent blog report is here

–Larry Sanders, Bernie’s older brother, has lived in England for decades, and is the Green Party’s spokesman on health care