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PBC News & Comment: iPhone Encryption Battle Defines Future of Our Rights

FBI’s demand that Apple create hack for San Bernardino iPhone is defining moment in the privacy struggle with Big Brother….--after 15 years of corporate collaboration with NSA and FBI, Apple’s Tim Cook draws the digital line, refuses to create hack for FBI in San Bernardino case; read the Shadowproof report here

--believe it or don’t: NSA Inspector General says NSA is collecting less data from the web than believed (by whom?)

--France extends its state of emergency for another 3 months

--Trump’s attack on Bush 43 over Iraq and 9/11 is a brilliant disruption tactic

--3 Americans who were abducted in Baghdad in January are freed

--in Bahrain, 4 American journalists who were detained are deported

--on the Hudson River, Indian Point nuke plant is leaking radioactive water, but corporate media isn’t interested; an excellent blog report is here

--Larry Sanders, Bernie’s older brother, has lived in England for decades, and is the Green Party’s spokesman on health care