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PBC News & Comment: Rare, Cosmic Alignment: on iPhone Security, Rush Agrees with PBC

In rare, cosmic and momentary agreement, Limbaugh agrees with Collins: Apple’s correct to deny FBI demand to create iPhone hack….--breaking from the GOP pack, Limbaugh asserts that FBI isn’t trying to hack just one iPhone

--at NY Times, tech writer Farhad Manjoo predicts tech companies will win the fight

--Pope Francis is latest to face The Donald’s insults and attacks, called “disgraceful” for saying Trump’s bigotry is not Christian

--in our new in-depth interview, military whistleblower Joe Hickman reveals the dirty truth about burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan that have harmed thousands of troops

--new Quinnipiac poll shows Sanders and Clinton tied nationally, and only Sanders beats all GOP contenders

--new report from Sen. Elizabeth Warren firmly hits ObamaCo for failure to investigate and prosecute Wall St. criminals

--former banking regulator and law professor Bill Black slams Obama for blocking EU investigations into US corporate tax cheats

--superdelegate Alan Grayson, running for Florida Senate seat, says he will let voters decide whether he supports Clinton or Sanders

--at The Intercept, Lee Fang exposes the lobbyists who are superdelegates for Clinton

--some Senate Republicans break from McConnell and the clown car riders, say they won’t block consideration of Obama nominee to Supreme Court

--in South Carolina, some black voters object to racist implications of moves to block Obama from replacing Scalia

--Obama will visit Cuba next month for a well-deserved victory lap