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PBC News & Comment: Rare, Cosmic Alignment: on iPhone Security, Rush Agrees with PBC

In rare, cosmic and momentary agreement, Limbaugh agrees with Collins: Apple’s correct to deny FBI demand to create iPhone hack….–breaking from the GOP pack, Limbaugh asserts that FBI isn’t trying to hack just one iPhone

–at NY Times, tech writer Farhad Manjoo predicts tech companies will win the fight

–Pope Francis is latest to face The Donald’s insults and attacks, called “disgraceful” for saying Trump’s bigotry is not Christian

–in our new in-depth interview, military whistleblower Joe Hickman reveals the dirty truth about burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan that have harmed thousands of troops

–new Quinnipiac poll shows Sanders and Clinton tied nationally, and only Sanders beats all GOP contenders

–new report from Sen. Elizabeth Warren firmly hits ObamaCo for failure to investigate and prosecute Wall St. criminals

–former banking regulator and law professor Bill Black slams Obama for blocking EU investigations into US corporate tax cheats

–superdelegate Alan Grayson, running for Florida Senate seat, says he will let voters decide whether he supports Clinton or Sanders

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang exposes the lobbyists who are superdelegates for Clinton

–some Senate Republicans break from McConnell and the clown car riders, say they won’t block consideration of Obama nominee to Supreme Court

–in South Carolina, some black voters object to racist implications of moves to block Obama from replacing Scalia

–Obama will visit Cuba next month for a well-deserved victory lap