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In-Depth Interview: Producer Ian Brennan Takes Us On Music Adventures Around the World

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Ian Brennan is a Grammy-winning music producer who shares his discoveries of impressive performers from all over the world, but says, “don’t call it world music“.Brennan was a guest here in June, 2014, talking about his other life addressing violence and anger management.  Today, he visited the secret studio with a stack of CD’s of artists he has discovered and recorded, recounted in his new book: How Music Dies (or Lives): Field Recordings and the Battle for Democracy in the Arts.

Brennan takes us to the scene of his recordings, from the Zomba prison in Mali to rural South Sudan to Hanoi, Vietnam.  In each case, he captures incredible music and performances in simple, straightforward recordings with no overdubs or effects.  Each session is detailed in a Field Recording Chronicle in the book, along with Brennan’s commentary and descriptions.

Enjoy this adventure, and find out more here!