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PBC News & Comment: Big Data Spawns “Predictive Policing” in San Francisco and Other Cities

SF Weekly exposes tech startup PredPol, run by politically connected people who claim they can predict crime, but claims unproven….–read the report here

–responding to uproar over police killing of Mario Woods, San Francisco mayor and police chief outline new policies on use of deadly force

–Bernie Sanders emphatically supports federal reporting of all deaths related to police actions

NY Times editorial says “Senate Republicans Lose Their Minds on a Supreme Court Seat

–8-member Supreme Court could firm up abortion rights, as oral arguments will be heard next week in Texas “TRAP” law that shuts clinics under pretexts

–nominee rumors circulate, including Nevada’s GOP governor, Brian Sandoval, and appeals court judge Sri Srinivasan

–Trump won Nevada caucuses with more Latino votes than 2 Latino rivals

–despite neutrality pledge, Harry Reid pulled strings to ensure Clinton win in Nevada caucuses, says respected Las Vegas journalist Jon Ralston

–in stunning recap, Spencer Ackerman in The Guardian blames Obama’s failure to close Guantanamo on Obama’s “unforced failures”

–Apple’s latest strategy: court should let Congress decide iPhone security, as Facebook’s Zuckerberg supports Apple

–White House hosts meeting of “Madison Valleywood Project”, tech and media firms asked to help clamp down on use of web by terrorist groups

–Israel budgets $26 million to suppress BDS movements


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