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PBC News & Comment: Obama Further Reduces 4th Amendment Protections

In another blow to 4th Amendment rights, Obama will allow NSA to share raw intercepts of phone calls and emails….--Apple files strong response to court order, and FBI director agrees that Congress will have final word

--digital forensics expert Rebecca Mercuri argues that FBI doesn’t need apple to open that iPhone

--lame duck Obama expands Special Ops footprint in Africa, sending trainers to Nigeria against Boko Haram

--off the radar, Obama signs bills aimed at suppressing BDS actions against Israel and banning imports of fish caught by slave labor in Asia

--US appeals court overturns conviction of Rasmeah Odeh

--in Israeli hospital, hunger-striking Palestinian journalist/prisoner al Qiq is near death

--Netanyahu threatens Palestinian members of Knesset with new law that can eject them, and smears 3 MP’s

--Netanyahu schools David Cameron for talking truth about Jerusalem and illegal settlements

--attempted cease-fire in Syria has some support,

--Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas tries to re-open the case of Shaker Aamer’s release from Guantanamo

--in GOP debate, Cruz and Rubio belatedly take on Trump, then Christie endorses Trump

--Neocon leader Robert Kagan endorses Clinton as best bet to continue regime change blunders

--NY Times editorial smacks Clinton for stonewalling on her big bucks speeches to special interests

--the late, not so great, Justice Scalia enjoyed 258 free junkets in his last 10 years on the bench

--University of Missouri cans professor who blocked media during campus protest last fall