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PBC News & Comment: Obama Further Reduces 4th Amendment Protections

In another blow to 4th Amendment rights, Obama will allow NSA to share raw intercepts of phone calls and emails….–Apple files strong response to court order, and FBI director agrees that Congress will have final word

–digital forensics expert Rebecca Mercuri argues that FBI doesn’t need apple to open that iPhone

–lame duck Obama expands Special Ops footprint in Africa, sending trainers to Nigeria against Boko Haram

–off the radar, Obama signs bills aimed at suppressing BDS actions against Israel and banning imports of fish caught by slave labor in Asia

–US appeals court overturns conviction of Rasmeah Odeh

–in Israeli hospital, hunger-striking Palestinian journalist/prisoner al Qiq is near death

–Netanyahu threatens Palestinian members of Knesset with new law that can eject them, and smears 3 MP’s

–Netanyahu schools David Cameron for talking truth about Jerusalem and illegal settlements

–attempted cease-fire in Syria has some support,

–Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas tries to re-open the case of Shaker Aamer’s release from Guantanamo

–in GOP debate, Cruz and Rubio belatedly take on Trump, then Christie endorses Trump

–Neocon leader Robert Kagan endorses Clinton as best bet to continue regime change blunders

–NY Times editorial smacks Clinton for stonewalling on her big bucks speeches to special interests

–the late, not so great, Justice Scalia enjoyed 258 free junkets in his last 10 years on the bench

–University of Missouri cans professor who blocked media during campus protest last fall