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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Confirms Hillary’s Hawkish Role in Libya Regime Change

In Sunday front-page blockbuster, NY Times details Clinton’s pivotal role in persuading Obama to OK Qaddafi takedown back in 2011….

–read the article here; your humble host has been ranting about this for years: Benghazi was minor, Libyan regime change was major

–Clinton handily wins S. Carolina primary as second-last batch of emails reveal sabotage of Obama’s efforts to close Gitmo, and Washington Post seeking approval to publish Wikileaks cables

–also in The Times, veteran court watcher Linda Greenhouse defines the critical Supreme Court hearings on restrictive abortion laws

–fragile Syria cease-fire holds over the weekend, with reports that Russian fighters responded to skirmish led by Turks or Kurds

–war as background noise: the weekend saw violent attacks in Baghdad, Kabul and Sanaa

–in Iran, elections favor “moderates” and women who were pre-screened

–in our latest in-depth interview, Zena Crenshaw-Logal talks about her report that concludes US whistleblower protections are a “shell game”

–Trump patrol: Donnie feigns amnesia over David Duke, as Klan rally in Anaheim sparks violence, Secret Service agent “choke slam’s photographer for TIME, NY Times details Trump’s command of tabloid news and “conspiracy theories

–MSNBC and weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry part ways after public spat