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PBC News & Comment: Final Clinton Emails Released on Eve of Super Tuesday

As 12 states hold primaries or caucuses, Trump and Clinton expect big wins in 6 southern states, both building momentum….–with final release, total number of classified emails is 2,115 and only one was “top secret”

second part of NY Times expose on Libya shows Clinton eager to take credit for deposing Qaddafi, like George W. Bush’s “mission accomplished” photo op

–in snarky, condescending op-ed, Rachel Sklar smears most Sanders supporters as “haters”

–federal judge in New York supports Apple, denies government demand to open iPhone

–FBI boss Comey faces hostile questions from both parties on iPhone security

–WAZE navigation app is blamed, as Israeli soldiers “accidentally” entered Palestinian camp in West Bank, one Palestinian killed

–Obama called Senate leaders to White House to talk about Supreme Court nominee, meeting was short, tense

–federal judge in Indianapolis blocks governor’s order against Syrian refugees

–days after “Spotlight” won Oscar for best film, Pennsylvania grand jury says bishops covered up for 50 predator priests

–Bill O’Reilly loses custody of kids in bitter divorce that includes domestic violence claim