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PBC News & Comment: Beware of Celebrity Strongman Candidates

California’s dark days under Arnold Schwarzenegger show what can happen when angry, anti-government voters rally behind celebrity, strongman candidates…..–Trump’s bizarre victory rally/news conference, with bully Chris Christie standing behind him, offer scary glimpse of “President Trump”

–Cruz and Rubio hang on, almost ensuring Trump nomination

NY Times editorial slams Trump as “shady, bombastic liar”

–as expected Clinton dominated Dem contests on Super Tuesday, and number crunchers say Sanders’ path to nomination is nearly blocked

–but—shockingly—Ann Coulter points out that Bernie won all the swing states, Hillary won red states she can’t hold in November

op-ed from Clinton supporter Maria Cardona says Sanders should stay in the race

–8-member Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Texas TRAP law restricting abortion access, all eyes on Justice Kennedy

–FBI Director Comey admits that FBI created the problem with the iPhone he demands that Apple crack open

–Senate committee approves misleading Monsanto-backed bill that would impose national ban on GMO labeling, overriding state laws

–declassified papers from Abbottobad show that bin Laden supported Obama on climate change

–American Reform rabbis get hostile treatment in Israel from Orthodox Jews