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PBC News & Comment: Mitt Romney Surfaces to Slay the Trump Monster

In “Mighty Mouse” or “Dudley Do-right” sequel, Romney carpet bombs Trump with dreams of brokered convention, Mitt grabbing the nomination….--Democratic turnout in early primaries has been down sharply, a serious impediment for either Clinton or Sanders

--granting immunity to Clinton’s server tech, FBI acknowledges that email investigations continue

--NY Times reporter Scott Shane details the expose on Clinton’s lead role in the Libya takedown that he co-wrote with Jo Becker

-- Iraq vet Rep.Tulsi Gabbard endorses Sanders over Clinton, citing her hawkish inclinations

--Sacramento FBI whistleblower who exposed sexual misconduct of colleagues is vindicated, ordered reinstated in his job

--Yasha Levine explains how one part of the Navy hired Carnegie Mellon researchers to hack Tor, created by a different section of the Navy, in Processing Distortion interview

--Defense Secretary Carter says he supports tight encryption….for the military

--Ben Carson exits the presidential raise slowly so he can spend more time napping

--GOP House committee continues discredited effort to discredit Planned Parenthood

--UN Security Council unanimously imposes toughest sanctions on North Korea

--in response to N. Korean threatrs, US moves to change missile defense test site on Kauai to operational base

--in Honduras, environment and human rights activist Berta Caceres is murdered

--in key development for expansion of renewable energy sources, Energy Dept. claims breakthrough in battery storage in “moonshot”

--Chief Justice Roberts backs Obama plan to reduce coal plant emissions, rejecting request to put EPA plan on hold

--days after being indicted, fracking buccaneer Aubrey McClendon ends his life by driving into concrete wall