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PBC News & Comment: Maryland Appeals Court Rules Stingray is Unconstitutional

As controversy swirls over iPhone encryption, Stingray dragnet cellphone surveillance system is ruled unconstitutional by Maryland appeals court…about time! ….–Details of the court ruling are here

–ObamaCo has declassified John Yoo’s audacious memo from 2002 that claimed sweeping presidential power to wiretap

–California superlawyer Ray Bourhis has captured the anti-government anger of the Trump era in his new novel Billionaires and Bagmen

–like a limbo dance, the GOP candidates keep showing us how low they can go: Trump claimed he has a big one, but proved he IS a big dick

NY Times TV writer captures the carnival atmosphere accurately

–some good news for Clinton on email investigation: well-placed leaker says her private server was never hacked

–scrutiny of Michigan governor’s staff emails show they all knew about the toxic water in Flint, and Gov. Snyder knew since February 2015

–just across Lake Erie, Cleveland has higher lead levels, but not from tap water

–latest name leaked as possible Supreme Court nominee is targeted at Judiciary chairman Grassley

–the murder of Honduran activist Berta Caceres sparks violent protests, with reminders that Clinton and Obama backed the 2009 military coup

–as Brazilian economy craters and Olympics loom, current and previous president are implicated in Petrobras scandal

–El Chapo’s daughter says her druglord padre snuck into the US and back last year, after his meeting with Sean Penn