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PBC News & Comment: Maryland Appeals Court Rules Stingray is Unconstitutional

As controversy swirls over iPhone encryption, Stingray dragnet cellphone surveillance system is ruled unconstitutional by Maryland appeals court…about time! ….--Details of the court ruling are here

--ObamaCo has declassified John Yoo’s audacious memo from 2002 that claimed sweeping presidential power to wiretap

--California superlawyer Ray Bourhis has captured the anti-government anger of the Trump era in his new novel Billionaires and Bagmen

--like a limbo dance, the GOP candidates keep showing us how low they can go: Trump claimed he has a big one, but proved he IS a big dick

--NY Times TV writer captures the carnival atmosphere accurately

--some good news for Clinton on email investigation: well-placed leaker says her private server was never hacked

--scrutiny of Michigan governor’s staff emails show they all knew about the toxic water in Flint, and Gov. Snyder knew since February 2015

--just across Lake Erie, Cleveland has higher lead levels, but not from tap water

--latest name leaked as possible Supreme Court nominee is targeted at Judiciary chairman Grassley

--the murder of Honduran activist Berta Caceres sparks violent protests, with reminders that Clinton and Obama backed the 2009 military coup

--as Brazilian economy craters and Olympics loom, current and previous president are implicated in Petrobras scandal

--El Chapo’s daughter says her druglord padre snuck into the US and back last year, after his meeting with Sean Penn