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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Kicks Out the Jams, Pulls Narrow Upset Win in Michigan

Nate Silver, other pundits and pollsters eat crow as Sanders draws independents and black voters from Detroit feel that Bern….–buoyed by young voters, Sanders sues Ohio to allow 17-year-olds to vote in primary, as they have in the past

–Clinton campaign and super pac draw serious money from fossil fuel interests

–election integrity advocate Richard Charnin says exit polls show that Sanders won Massachusetts

–another election protection expert, Jonathan Simon, reports that electronic voting machines may have tilted to Clinton in Massachusetts

–in coverage of Oregon investigation into death of LaVoy Finicum, NY Times accurately notes the outlines of FBI coverup

–Ed Snowden says FBI claim that it can’t unlock San Bernardino iPhone is “bullshit”

–theater-of-the-absurd: Senate committee holds hearings on war policy, trading talking points but never debating war powers

–Jason Leopold exposes how FOIA lawsuit was needed to expose ObamaCo efforts to block the improvements to FOIA law

–in balanced analysis, Scott Shane and Charlie Savage in NY Times recap how Obama and GOP make dubious claims about Guantanamo

–Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) introduces bill to require GMO labeling on a national basis, countering federal pre-emption bill

–captured Daesh fighter who learned about chemical weapons under Sadam says IS has mustard gas munitions

–Beatles’ super producer George Martin dies at age 90