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In-Depth Interview: Attorney/Rancher Todd Macfarlane Comments on Investigation of Oregon Shooting Death of LaVoy Finicum

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Just hours after a news conference in Bend, Oregon, where officials said their investigation concluded that the roadblock shooting of activist LaVoy Finicum was “justified” even as they exposed FBI misconduct in the investigation, we get comments from Todd Macfarlane.Sibel Edmonds, publisher of BoilingFrogsPost, joins me for this interview.  We begin with reactions from Macfarlane and Edmonds to the investigation, and the release of new video and audio footage that add important dimensions to the event on January 26.

Edmonds raises some important “macro questions” about the over-reaction by state and federal authorities, and Macfarlane says they chose to escalate the tensions to a confrontation when they had many options to de-escalate.

We approach this official version with skepticism and many questions that were not posed by the hand-picked mainstream media reporters at the press conference.  The admission that 2 FBI agents on the Hostage Rescue Team repeatedly lied to the investigators, claiming they had not fired weapons when the evidence is clear that they did, shows the outlines of an attempted coverup.

Edmonds appeals to insiders to become whistleblowers, and share information on the FBI wrongdoing to check the likely results when the FBI investigates itself.