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PBC News & Comment: Mob Mentality at Trump Events Leads to Violence

A new, kinder, gentler (medicated?) Donald Trump deflected debate questions about his angry mobs, as Ted Cruz blamed Obama…--his comments from podium, and directions to the mobs contradict his blameshifting to peaceful protesters

--Trump’s change in tone and demeanor don’t affect his sweeping smears of Muslims or penchant for lying

--North Carolina is the epicenter of GOP voter suppression and gerrymandering schemes, creating confusion for Tuesday primary

--Apple calls Justice Dept. filings “cheap shot”, “false accusations” in court battle over iPhone security and FBI’s specious claims

--FCC proposes new rules to limit Comcast and Verizon collection of data from its internet customers

--filmmaker Dawn Porter talks about her new documentary Trapped, noting that this is a critical year for abortion rights

--5 years after reactor meltdowns at Fukushima, Greg Palast reveals that engineers knew of major seismic risks

--NY Times story on Fukushima cleanup offers rosy view, in sharp contrast with AP story about the exploitation of cleanup workers

--SF Chronicle covers 2 investigations of radiation reaching West Coast, declaring “no cause for worry”

--at C-PAC, conservatives tilt to support criminal justice and sentencing reform

--former Latin American leaders urge an end to the war on some drugs

--California legislature passes bill to ban tobacco sales to those under 21