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PBC News & Comment: Univision Debate Smokes Out Bernie the Commie

In hard-hitting Univision debate, Sanders is slammed for supporting opponents of American imperialism in Latin America, and he’s unapologetic….--Calbuzz, snarky California political blog, hammers Sanders as Commie sympathizer, then admits that he was correct

--Sanders and Clinton pledged to stop deportations of kids, non-criminals, but ObamaCo continues deportations

--FAIR reports that the Washington Post ran 16 negative stories on Sanders in a 16-hour period

--Cruz and Rubio join call to send new prisoners to Guantanamo, and keep it open

--USA Today fact-checks Trump’s business claims, which were asserted after Romney’s attack last week

--still-President Obama hosts new Canadian leader Trudeau, and they announce joint effort on climate change

--in interview with The Atlantic, Obama admits that Libya regime change was a mistake, and slams “free riders” in MidEast wars

--in Israel, Joe Biden joins Netanyahu in criticizing Palestinians over wave of violence, fails to acknowledge causes

--responding to heroin and opioid epidemic, GOP-run Senate passes federal treatment and prevention bill with inadequate funding

--Apple exec warns that precedent set in San Bernardino case could lead to government orders to spy with built-in cameras and mics

--Chinese dissident/artist Ai Weiwei decries Europe’s treatment of refugees