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PBC News & Comment: GOP Obstructionists Offer Lame Excuses

Political prerogative—not precedent or the Constitution—is the hidden reason for blocking Supreme Court nominee to replace Scalia…..–Sens. Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell trot out absurd, empty talking points that insult our intelligence

–corporate media and Dem establishment move to create the perception that the Sanders campaign is over, but it’s not

–in NY Times, columnist Charles M. Blow details the “Bernie Blackout”

–in Austin, Obama told Dem donors that Sanders is “authentic”, but some people thought George W. Bush was “authentic”

–number cruncher Nate Cohn demonstrates that Sanders has an uphill battle, but is not out of the running

–Anonymous reveals Trump’s cell phone number, declares war against evil, bigotry and fascism

–Apple’s Tim Cook says FBI’s claims about iPhone encryption are “a crock”

–ACLU reveals that US Marshals spent $10 million on Stingray surveillance gadgets

–in fresh in-depth interview from Iraq, reporter Joe Lauria talks about Putin’s surprise pullback in Syria

–with Senate vote that defeated GMO labeling ban, your humble host noticed his favorite peanut butter is already marked “GMO Free”

–in House hearing, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder deflects calls to resign over Flint’s poisoned water supply

–UC Berkeley rocked by sexual harassment charges against law school dean and basketball coach

–celeb chef Michael Chiarello also accused of sexual misbehavior

–political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal’s health is deteriorating from untreated Hepatitis C…..demand proper treatment for Mumia from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.  Call 717-787-2500 or email