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PBC News & Comment: GOP Obstructionists Offer Lame Excuses

Political prerogative—not precedent or the Constitution—is the hidden reason for blocking Supreme Court nominee to replace Scalia…..--Sens. Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell trot out absurd, empty talking points that insult our intelligence

--corporate media and Dem establishment move to create the perception that the Sanders campaign is over, but it’s not

--in NY Times, columnist Charles M. Blow details the “Bernie Blackout”

--in Austin, Obama told Dem donors that Sanders is “authentic”, but some people thought George W. Bush was “authentic”

--number cruncher Nate Cohn demonstrates that Sanders has an uphill battle, but is not out of the running

--Anonymous reveals Trump’s cell phone number, declares war against evil, bigotry and fascism

--Apple’s Tim Cook says FBI’s claims about iPhone encryption are “a crock”

--ACLU reveals that US Marshals spent $10 million on Stingray surveillance gadgets

--in fresh in-depth interview from Iraq, reporter Joe Lauria talks about Putin’s surprise pullback in Syria

--with Senate vote that defeated GMO labeling ban, your humble host noticed his favorite peanut butter is already marked “GMO Free”

--in House hearing, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder deflects calls to resign over Flint’s poisoned water supply

--UC Berkeley rocked by sexual harassment charges against law school dean and basketball coach

--celeb chef Michael Chiarello also accused of sexual misbehavior

--political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal's health is deteriorating from untreated Hepatitis C.....demand proper treatment for Mumia from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.  Call 717-787-2500 or email