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PBC News & Comment: Fidel Castro Won Cuba’s Cold War with US

Obama’s historic arrival in Havana vindicates the vision of Fidel Castro, who lived to see his victory over the Yanquis…–Raul Castro is cordial, but pointed in his initial remarks to Obama, demands the return of Guantanamo

–in brushback before her speech at AIPAC, pro-Israel extremists demand she “disavow” Sid and Max Blumenthal, who are falsely accused of being anti-Semitic

–in powerful, accurate op-ed in Haaretz, Chicago rabbi Brant Rosen slams the intentional conflation of anti-Zionist with anti-Semitic labels

–in her AIPAC speech, Clinton hits Trump and talks tough about her loyalty to Israel

–former Mossad chief who blasted Netanyahu, Meir Dagan dies at 71

NY Times continues negative spin on Sanders, Politico amplifies Clinton spin that Sanders should accept HRC’s inevitability

–on Facebook, listener Gary Kane repeats his demand that your humble host pledge to vote for Clinton in November

–anti-Trump protesters who blocked Tucson rally give credibility to Trump’s incredible denials, especially about campaign manager

–desperate GOP establishment leaders talk about dumping Trump for Rick Perry or Tom Coburn!

–Apple rolls out new iOS 9.3 to fix encryption flaws in iMessage

–Supreme Court rejects challenge to Colorado cannabis legalization brought by Nebraska, Oklahoma

–more mission creep: in response to death of US soldier in Mosul, a new detachment of Marines is being deployed

–Russian media report that airliner that crashed in Rostov-on Don killed “top CIA Official” and cargo of $US 27 million in currency