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PBC News & Comment: Fidel Castro Won Cuba’s Cold War with US

Obama’s historic arrival in Havana vindicates the vision of Fidel Castro, who lived to see his victory over the Yanquis…--Raul Castro is cordial, but pointed in his initial remarks to Obama, demands the return of Guantanamo

--in brushback before her speech at AIPAC, pro-Israel extremists demand she “disavow” Sid and Max Blumenthal, who are falsely accused of being anti-Semitic

--in powerful, accurate op-ed in Haaretz, Chicago rabbi Brant Rosen slams the intentional conflation of anti-Zionist with anti-Semitic labels

--in her AIPAC speech, Clinton hits Trump and talks tough about her loyalty to Israel

--former Mossad chief who blasted Netanyahu, Meir Dagan dies at 71

--NY Times continues negative spin on Sanders, Politico amplifies Clinton spin that Sanders should accept HRC’s inevitability

--on Facebook, listener Gary Kane repeats his demand that your humble host pledge to vote for Clinton in November

--anti-Trump protesters who blocked Tucson rally give credibility to Trump’s incredible denials, especially about campaign manager

--desperate GOP establishment leaders talk about dumping Trump for Rick Perry or Tom Coburn!

--Apple rolls out new iOS 9.3 to fix encryption flaws in iMessage

--Supreme Court rejects challenge to Colorado cannabis legalization brought by Nebraska, Oklahoma

--more mission creep: in response to death of US soldier in Mosul, a new detachment of Marines is being deployed

--Russian media report that airliner that crashed in Rostov-on Don killed “top CIA Official” and cargo of $US 27 million in currency