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PBC News & Comment: Loudmouth Guy in Rural Washington Faces Prosecution After FBI Frame-Up

Tipped by neighbors, FBI informant lures Dan Franey into gun running after loudmouth spews pro-Islamic State rants, but no actions….--read Vice report about Franey case here

--in Phoenix, jury convicts alleged mastermind of shooting at provocative “draw the Prophet” event in Texas last year

--AP investigates FOIA responses, quotes Jason Leopold’s challenge over slow response and dubious claims that files don’t exist

--the real geniuses at Apple may refuse to create iPhone hack for FBI

--government error confirms that Snowden had encrypted email account on Lavabit servers

--from Leavenworth, Chelsea Manning challenges “insider threat” program based in part on her story

--with maps and graphics, NY Times depicts what Russia achieved in Syria

--Middle East veteran reporter Charles Glass says Russia and US now have the power to impose peace in Syria

--buried news dept.: Pentagon announces discipline for 12 soldiers involved in last October’s attack on hospital in Afghanistan

--alleged ringleader of Paris attacks is captured in Belgium

--House committee yesterday alternately reamed Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and EPA Director Gina McCarthy for Flint water crisis

--European Union agrees to illegal, immoral plan to return and hold Syrian refugees to Turkey

--Weekends reads: Excellent background and context for the crisis in Brazil from Pepe Escobar and Glenn Greenwald

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