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PBC News & Comment: Loudmouth Guy in Rural Washington Faces Prosecution After FBI Frame-Up

Tipped by neighbors, FBI informant lures Dan Franey into gun running after loudmouth spews pro-Islamic State rants, but no actions….–read Vice report about Franey case here

–in Phoenix, jury convicts alleged mastermind of shooting at provocative “draw the Prophet” event in Texas last year

AP investigates FOIA responses, quotes Jason Leopold’s challenge over slow response and dubious claims that files don’t exist

–the real geniuses at Apple may refuse to create iPhone hack for FBI

–government error confirms that Snowden had encrypted email account on Lavabit servers

–from Leavenworth, Chelsea Manning challenges “insider threat” program based in part on her story

–with maps and graphics, NY Times depicts what Russia achieved in Syria

–Middle East veteran reporter Charles Glass says Russia and US now have the power to impose peace in Syria

–buried news dept.: Pentagon announces discipline for 12 soldiers involved in last October’s attack on hospital in Afghanistan

–alleged ringleader of Paris attacks is captured in Belgium

–House committee yesterday alternately reamed Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and EPA Director Gina McCarthy for Flint water crisis

–European Union agrees to illegal, immoral plan to return and hold Syrian refugees to Turkey

–Weekends reads: Excellent background and context for the crisis in Brazil from Pepe Escobar and Glenn Greenwald

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