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PBC News & Comment: Media Ignores Major Sanders Speech on Foreign Policy

Between AIPAC theatrics and Brussells attacks, long overdue Sanders speech on Iran, Israel and Islamic State gets lost in media maw….--his views leave much to be desired, but his resistance to regime change and more balanced view of Israel are much better than Clinton’s

--Islamic State claims credit for coordinated attacks in Brussels, 2 at airport, another at subway station in Muslim district

--Christian Sorenson on military spending, reflecting the machinery of perpetual war

--Trump’s instant response is to close borders, advocate torture of Abdelsalam

--psychiatrist Justin A. Frank puts Trump on the couch, and responds to my question—do Trump supporters want an authoritarian?

--at LAX last Friday, a flight attendant was unexpectedly stopped for search, and ran off leaving 60 lbs of cocaine

--in Havana, Obama tries to reassure Cubans about his intentions, and calls for changes in Cuba

--FBI delays next hearing with Apple, says it may have found a hacker to open San Bernardino iPhone

--in op-ed, Malkia Cyril—child of a Black Panther member—reminds us that encryption is important to protect black activists from surveillance

--Justice Department closes its investigation with no charges for former diplomat Robin Raphel, who was suspected of spying for Pakistan

--in the case of NSA whistleblower Tom Drake, the mostly-inept Office of Special Counsel seeks investigation of the retaliation against Drake

--Obits: wacky former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dies of cancer, Intel founder Andy Grove dies at 79