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PBC News & Comment: Media Ignores Major Sanders Speech on Foreign Policy

Between AIPAC theatrics and Brussells attacks, long overdue Sanders speech on Iran, Israel and Islamic State gets lost in media maw….–his views leave much to be desired, but his resistance to regime change and more balanced view of Israel are much better than Clinton’s

–Islamic State claims credit for coordinated attacks in Brussels, 2 at airport, another at subway station in Muslim district

–Christian Sorenson on military spending, reflecting the machinery of perpetual war

–Trump’s instant response is to close borders, advocate torture of Abdelsalam

–psychiatrist Justin A. Frank puts Trump on the couch, and responds to my question—do Trump supporters want an authoritarian?

–at LAX last Friday, a flight attendant was unexpectedly stopped for search, and ran off leaving 60 lbs of cocaine

–in Havana, Obama tries to reassure Cubans about his intentions, and calls for changes in Cuba

–FBI delays next hearing with Apple, says it may have found a hacker to open San Bernardino iPhone

–in op-ed, Malkia Cyril—child of a Black Panther member—reminds us that encryption is important to protect black activists from surveillance

–Justice Department closes its investigation with no charges for former diplomat Robin Raphel, who was suspected of spying for Pakistan

–in the case of NSA whistleblower Tom Drake, the mostly-inept Office of Special Counsel seeks investigation of the retaliation against Drake

–Obits: wacky former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dies of cancer, Intel founder Andy Grove dies at 79