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PBC News & Comment: UC Regents Adopt Problematic “Tolerance” Policies

Amended at last minute, new policy deplores “anti-Semitic forms of anti-Zionism”—vague subjective standards that diminish freedom of speech in selective manner……--at The Intercept, Robert Mackey offers a good account of Regents meeting

--in last-minute speech at Stanford, Hillary Clinton rejects GOP bluster and incendiary talk, calls for “intelligence surge” against IS

--at Salon, Brogan Morris comforts “Bernie or Bust” types

--Anonymous group is bitterly split over attacks on Trump

--Daesh video gloating about Brussels attacks includes audio and images of Trump

--Russian jets return to support Syrian troops trying to retake Palmyra but that’s not considered violation of cease-fire

--in new in-depth interview, NSA expert James Bamford talks about Obama’s “insider threat” program that spies on our spies

--AG Loretta Lynch indicts 7 Iranians for cyber attacks in 2011, which were likely retaliation for our Stuxnet attacks

--Blackwater founder Erik Prince is reported under investigation for trying to sell services of mercenaries to other governments

--in Buenos Aires, Obama admits US took too long to condemn mass human rights violations, but he doesn’t quite apologize

--blogger Roger Shuler is vindicated as Alabama Gov. Bentley makes bizarre public apology for his non-physical affair with aide

--after knife attack in West Bank, Israeli soldier shoots and kills wounded Palestinian accused of the attack

--former Serbian leader Karadzic is found guilty of genocide, gets 40 year sentence