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PBC News & Comment: Something’s Rotten in Arizona!

In Phoenix, long lines are clear evidence of voter suppression schemes, corporate media called winners before thousands voted, ignored obvious….--note from Utah caucus reveals confusion and ballot stuffing for Cruz

--cable news channels offered preview of fascism, as election coverage mixed with images from Brussels promotes extremism, tough talk

--as networks hype Trump’s calls to torture and close borders, CNN conservative S.E. Cupp offers rational retort, calls him “bizarre”

--Trump shifts position on fighting Islamic State, adopting Obama’s policies, apparently without knowing that

--Cruz wants to “patrol Muslim communities”, which FBI is already doing, apparently without knowing that

--Robert Parry provides rich details of the Clinton/Trump AIPAC “Pander-Off”

--also at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria offers a more critical view of the Sanders speech on foreign policy

--as the hawks rant about Islamic State, Jason Leopold publishes most of the intelligence estimate that Bush used to justify Iraq invasion

--oral contraceptives—and others—are subject of oral arguments before 8-member Supreme Court in bogus “religious liberty” case

--Obama in complicated dance in Argentina, as he visits during 40th anniversary of US-backed coup

--in Yemen, US airstrikes kill dozens

--NY Times editorial accurately calls ObamaCo plan for drone impact “transparency” too little, too late

--Gary Chew reviews new Helen Mirren drone film, Eye in the Sky