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PBC News & Comment: Something’s Rotten in Arizona!

In Phoenix, long lines are clear evidence of voter suppression schemes, corporate media called winners before thousands voted, ignored obvious….–note from Utah caucus reveals confusion and ballot stuffing for Cruz

–cable news channels offered preview of fascism, as election coverage mixed with images from Brussels promotes extremism, tough talk

–as networks hype Trump’s calls to torture and close borders, CNN conservative S.E. Cupp offers rational retort, calls him “bizarre”

–Trump shifts position on fighting Islamic State, adopting Obama’s policies, apparently without knowing that

–Cruz wants to “patrol Muslim communities”, which FBI is already doing, apparently without knowing that

–Robert Parry provides rich details of the Clinton/Trump AIPAC “Pander-Off”

–also at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria offers a more critical view of the Sanders speech on foreign policy

–as the hawks rant about Islamic State, Jason Leopold publishes most of the intelligence estimate that Bush used to justify Iraq invasion

–oral contraceptives—and others—are subject of oral arguments before 8-member Supreme Court in bogus “religious liberty” case

–Obama in complicated dance in Argentina, as he visits during 40th anniversary of US-backed coup

–in Yemen, US airstrikes kill dozens

NY Times editorial accurately calls ObamaCo plan for drone impact “transparency” too little, too late

–Gary Chew reviews new Helen Mirren drone film, Eye in the Sky