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PBC News & Comment: Dramatic Exposures on Good Friday

National Enquirer exposes 5 alleged mistresses of Ted Cruz, the married super-Christian, and Wikileaks exposes Hillary Clinton’s hawkish Syria advocacy…..

Your humble host was planning to take the day off today, expecting a slow news day leading into Easter weekend.

While the National Enquirer is a slick and slimy tabloid, it has a near-perfect record on political sex scandal coverage–just ask President John Edwards.  The newsstand rag names 5 women it says rolled in the hay with the Texas senator. Combined with Trump’s threats to expose dirt on Mrs. Cruz, Ted’s campaign may be fatally compromised.

Thanks to listener and subscriber Henry Garciga from Sacramento, I’m sharing this blog post with verbatim quotes from an email that Clinton wrote in 2012.  Not only does it aggressively call for US support of proxies to take down Assad, it explains that her basis for regime change is to enable Israel to maintain its “nuclear monopoly” in the region.  While the memo contains laughable predictions about Libya and Syria, the most troubling aspect is that Clinton appears to place the interests of Israel above those of the United States.