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PBC News & Comment: Desperate Moves by GOP Agents of Repression

Alabama’s 2-timing governor targets blogger Roger Shuler, as North Carolina, Georgia and Indiana curtail rights for trannies, gays, abortion seekers--Gov. Bentley ordered law enforcement to muzzle Shuler for exposing his affair with Rebekah Mason, read about it here

--outrage builds over North Carolina law that was rammed through in 12 hours, which repealed protections for LGBT statewide, pre-empting Charlotte transsexual potty rules

--Indiana governor signs law with more restrictions on abortions, requires mothers to deliver defective babies

--as expected, Sanders sweeps Washington, Alaska, Hawaii

--Jason Leopold’s latest FOIA fight shows FBI investigation of Clinton email practices continues

--Secretary of Defense Carter releases stack of emails from his personal account

--California and New York are in final stages of increasing minimum wage to $15 over 6 years, with possible exceptions

--Monsanto’s anti-GMO labeling crusade crumbles, as food giants are adding labels anyway

--NY Times finally covers University of California’s misguided “tolerance” policy, incorrectly defines “anti-Zionism”

--Robert DeNiro retracts his support for screening of anti-vaccine film at Tribeca

--Trump claims he has a foreign policy, and it’s a mess

--Syria claims it has routed IS from Palmyra

--US says it killed IS finance leader, and by the way, we’re sending more American troops to Iraq

--suicide bombers hammer Baghdad and Lahore, Pakistan

--Israel’s Haaretz reports Belgian intelligence had “precise warning” of last week’s attacks in Brussels

--Haaretz also reports that Israeli medic who shot Palestinian suspect last week said wounded man “needs to die”

--in tussle over Israel’s proposed ambassador, Brazil wins and the US loses—Dani Dayan will go to New York instead