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PBC News & Comment: Apple Wins Temporary Victory

FBI gets San Bernardino iPhone hacked without Apple’s help, but it’s just the first round in battle over encryption…..--FBI created this showdown, and Apple’s Tim Cook deserves credit for rejecting arrogant power play

--unlike Google, Microsoft and other tech giants, Apple doesn’t pay rewards to hackers who expose vulnerabilities

--in Alabama sex scandal, journalist Roger Shuler was target of nefarious police state efforts to silence him

--rogue cops in Brooklyn arrested postal worker they almost hit with unmarked car, N. Carolina man busted on 2002 warrant for failure to return “Freddy Got Fingered" video

--Harper’s exposes 1994 comment by Nixon aide John Ehrlichman that “war on some drugs” was aimed at blacks and anti-war liberals

--Obama’s sorry record on pardons is laid out in this op-ed, and pardon office has massive backlog of applications

--at journalism awards dinner, Obama presses the press to ask tougher questions of presidential candidates

--“Broadcast Blues” filmmaker Sue Wilson releases Sanders interview where Bernie talks about media reform

--in 4-4 tie decision, Supreme Court affirms lower court ruling that anti-union teachers in California must pay dues

--Secret Service decrees that “good guys with guns” can’t pack heat inside GOP convention

--Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is charged with battery against former Breitbart reporter

--Britain’s Daily Mail again reports that Israeli commandos are rescuing wounded Islamic fighters at Syrian border