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PBC News & Comment: Apple Wins Temporary Victory

FBI gets San Bernardino iPhone hacked without Apple’s help, but it’s just the first round in battle over encryption…..–FBI created this showdown, and Apple’s Tim Cook deserves credit for rejecting arrogant power play

–unlike Google, Microsoft and other tech giants, Apple doesn’t pay rewards to hackers who expose vulnerabilities

–in Alabama sex scandal, journalist Roger Shuler was target of nefarious police state efforts to silence him

–rogue cops in Brooklyn arrested postal worker they almost hit with unmarked car, N. Carolina man busted on 2002 warrant for failure to return “Freddy Got Fingered” video

–Harper’s exposes 1994 comment by Nixon aide John Ehrlichman that “war on some drugs” was aimed at blacks and anti-war liberals

–Obama’s sorry record on pardons is laid out in this op-ed, and pardon office has massive backlog of applications

–at journalism awards dinner, Obama presses the press to ask tougher questions of presidential candidates

–“Broadcast Blues” filmmaker Sue Wilson releases Sanders interview where Bernie talks about media reform

–in 4-4 tie decision, Supreme Court affirms lower court ruling that anti-union teachers in California must pay dues

–Secret Service decrees that “good guys with guns” can’t pack heat inside GOP convention

–Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is charged with battery against former Breitbart reporter

–Britain’s Daily Mail again reports that Israeli commandos are rescuing wounded Islamic fighters at Syrian border